Monday, May 26, 2014

happy camper

* dress-up deets: happy camper slouchy pullover-camp brand goods, jeans-gap, touque-topshop, boots-aldo *

Guys!!!  It's been so long since I last blogged, and I just couldn't leave up snowy scenes as we're making our way into the glorious summer sunshine. Honestly my blogging passions have waned, I've been so enamoured with Instagram over these past months but I really wanted to share these photos KASA shot one day, by the river. It's our favorite spot to stroll with Tayeh in tow, rain or shine! The whole area is especially green now we've hit May; birdsongs trail off into the distance and brilliant sunbeams catch ripples on the water, making them twinkly delights. I am literally a Happy Camper when I'm here so I thought I'd share a special gift Sean scored for me from one of his biz trips back to Calgary. If you haven't heard of Camp Brand Goods yet then get on it people --- I love this brand so much!! The quality of their merch is spot on plus mounds full of online roamin' through their various design notions gives a girl (or guy) plenty of prized pieces that honor our habitat and our swagger.

HUGE thank yous to everyone who left me such sweet notes and checked in through email, I really appreciate it friends!!! Happy new week & I hope you're experiencing the loveliest days with the most beautiful blue aboves ever! ♥

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

frosted mini-wheat world

* dress-up deets: leopard jacket + touque-joe fresh (past season), vest-old navy (similar),
jeans-gap, scarf-simons, cardigan-ae, hunter boots-c/o surfdome *

The month of February really scored A+++ points the past few days when Momma Nature decided to grant us the most wonderful snowfall. It lasted for 2 days and was spectacular!!! I'd waited and wished for such a day to come, when it did you'd better believe the whole fams enjoyed every last ounce of wintery bliss :) 

Tayeh's been especially interesting to watch, she loves pouncing and bounding around only to rise up with a huge frosty mound atop her nose. The cute factor kept me going outside for more; I think I walked her like 9 times just to get as much play in as possible. Yesterday arrived with billows of fog, the mist engulfed our little neighborhood and the whole forest appeared shrouded in secrecy. By afternoon the bright blue sky swept in, so there went the snow. Melting away in the sunshine, these scenes are now long gone but what a magnificent memory I have of those days. Jack Frost rocks my polar fleece socks, end of story.

Happy mid-week wishes folks, hope you're experiencing beautiful treasures and happy heart beats no matter what climate you're in!! ♥

Friday, February 14, 2014

all hearts a flutter

hey guys --- happy valentine's day!!!  i wanted to stop in today to let you know my heart's still a beatin' even though i haven't made an appearance here in a while. life's had a few ups and downs, as it does and that's okay. today though, is a definite UP! hope you enjoy what cupid brings to the table and that sweets are most assuredly involved. haha!! xo ♥

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

preserving epiphanies

There's a time of day when the sun has risen and become aligned with our little townhouse. All of a sudden we are in a wash of glorious light beams. They bounce around, creating shadows and brilliance. When this occurs, and I happen to be home, I like to sit in the middle of the floor quietly taking it all in. The moment never lasts long, perhaps only about 15 or 20 minutes but even the dust particles floating through the air sparkle and all seems well in the world.

I have found similar things happen inside our own minds when we get inspired and a new, awesome idea pops into our heads. There's a weight lifted and our wingspread seems infinite. Right now I am trying to find a way to maintain this sense of possibility. We each get a ton of ideas throughout the day but you know those ones that really stand out?! The ones that feel as though someone else had a hand in planting them there. The real deal YES ones that our inner critic likes to squash. Oh, how to protect myself from myself is what I'm working towards figuring out right now. How do you keep the idea extinguisher at bay? ♥

Friday, January 24, 2014

shiver savers > say that 3 times...i dare you

Okay, I know I'm overly eager for milder months but truth be told I do wish for at least one more snow fall before we wave a fond farewell to winter. Vancouver's only had 1 flurry so far, I doth protest...we got gypped for reals :(   In anticipation for our world turning over to a new season I thought I'd make a little outfit tribute with some of my faved finds across the www.

I'm super into the patch front pants Free People has going on!! They've got a slight utilitarian vibe that I really dig. Also, who wouldn't want to pop a pretty floral blouse over their heads and scamper out the door on a date night or a gathering with friends?! There's a brand new shop on my radar lately too, XO Veronika is run by my good friend and fashion inspiration oracle of the same name - you might already be loving on her blog By The Shore. She's now an official "shop girl" and I couldn't be more thrilled, not to mention enthralled with the wonderfully curated accessory goodness available! The 2 bracelets I've featured are from V's shop but honestly I could have gone XO Veronika crazy because each piece there is absolutely adorable.

Cheers to the weekend everyone, hope you've found yourselves a toasty cocoon to snuggle up in!! ♥

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

take me to the river

We seem to be finding ourselves by an awful lot of bodies of water lately ;)  Well, it sure is soothing. Living where we do the access is easy so why not take full advantage. Perhaps it has something to do with KASA and I both being water signs too?!  haha!  November was the last time we ventured over to Traboulay PoCo Trail and boardwalk; we were well overdue for a re-visit last weekend. There wasn't a lot of folks out but we did run into a few other pups for Tayeh to play with. She's becoming so big now you guys! I'm astounded when I looked back at our last time there and how little she was. Wow, time sure moves fast.

In other news, I'm 100% completely consumed with instagramming and as you've probably noticed the shapes of my photos reflect this mad passion. Honestly, I'm such an all or nothing chick. When I discover something new that sets my inspiration meter skyrocketing then I find it really hard to balance it with other interests. This means my little blog has suffered a bit (not to mention my blog friend visits - oops!) but I'm carving out some more time this week to catch up on all that. Sorry I've been MIA, I adore gramming and seeing everyone doing there thang out there really stokes this girls flames! Happy mid-week marker all!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

when the lake calls your name

Unexpected pit stops can sometimes lead you into incredibly serene spaces. Such was the case when we were winding our way back from Vancouver Island (a few weeks ago) and came across this luscious lakeside. Unable to resist a stroll, even if it was sprinkling a bit, we popped open the car doors and took our pup down to the water's edge. WOW, what a view! I could have soaked it up all day long but time was tight so we just got a mini tour before heading home on the ferry.

I sort of yelped when I saw little teepee on the side of the road and begged KASA to stop, yet again, to take some snaps. hehe! It was his idea to tilt my hat further back, said it gave me a certain "old timers" edge ;)  Hope everyone has some awesome plans for the weekend brewing! Us Westcoasters have been given a reprieve from the rain, I'm looking forward to a sweet 5 day forecast of sunshine ahead. yah!

Monday, January 13, 2014

on island time

Just before New Year's the boyf and I made a trip over to Vancouver Island where his parents live to celebrate the season with them. I LOVE taking the ferry across the water; it seems to have an innate ability to slow things down. My mind feels easy and my aura lightens. It's a lovely journey! Sean & I really needed the break, we'd both been going pretty fast paced so this trip was made extra awesome by getting us out of our daily routines. The best part was being able to bring our travel companion, Tayeh! She did extremely well and made new friends (after a bit of "get-to-know-you" time) with Sean's folks + their pups.

Although it was only 4 short days away, it definitely made a difference in our outlook going into 2014. I think the many naps we took helped our carefree quotient too ;)  Cos you know, when you're on island time everything becomes an easy going harmony. Happy Monday!!!