Friday, July 22, 2011

sock knocker

Happy Friday! I've got another installment of fresh links to share with you today. Our Julyuary (it's been COLD folks!) is seeming to pick up finally - looking at the 5 day forecast shows nothing but sun!!!! So excited to begin enjoying it. Wishing everyone a wondrous weekend ahead!

* for the commitment phobe; Swiss Miss i love launching pads that are such a blast!

* Kara from I Just Might Explode has got to have the cutest drawers in the universe! and her lovely red locks ain't bad either : )

* yor with the k crossed out is the best - Haylee's dads day card on the PBS....go now and check this darling girl out, she is a beloved bloggy friend and i do believe you will adore her neighborhood plenty too!

* modest bathing suits in case a dunk tank is in your near future. put a parasol on top and you're all set.

* hover cat just got handed the trump card!

* Shop the Far Out & Joe Fresh summer to-die-fors + orange shorts & Medium Fashion Gallery's top off's.

* is it just me or is the muse beginning to resemble the "muser"?

* Grace Jones on the comeback trail and i couldn't be happier about it!

* just because she is so ultra-fierce, also sporting a similar hairstyle to the iconic one above, it's Sasha Mallory from SYTYCD. she is seriously an expansive dancing dream! ♥



Yay, for Joe Fresh. I haven't been in awhile though a little pop over just might be in order. And I'm loving both tee's from Medium Fashion Gallery -how fab are they!! I could see you rocking those splendidly. And wow, anti gravity yoga, sounds fantastic actually. I could see it taking a lot of pressure and strain off the body. Although, my challenge these days is just plain exercising. Oy. xx veronika

The Suburb Experiment said...

I LOVE Sasha. She is so hard to take your eyes off when she's dancing. Her poor partner. :)

Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

marissa at the boot said...

that father's day card was SO funny! what a cool girl! and sasha is SO fierce! did you see her hiphop dance with twitch? SWOONING. oh, and i also have a colossal crush on robert! hottie mc.hothot!
great link lynn!!! have a great weekend!

dana @ wonder forest said...

cold weather!? eek! you need to come over to my hood haha. it's been in the hundreds ... way too hot.
xo dana

rebecca said...

Oh I love those drawers! And Sasha is one of my favorites.


The Fancy Drifter said...

OK I'm in LOVE with those drawers! What a fantastic idea!!

Happy Friday!


Janette said...

Feliz Friday Lynncakes! Loving all the pretty shares...Link me up Scotty! Oh no wait...I just quoted Star Trek...I'm such an unfaithful Star Wars fan.. Woops.. Anyhow!! I've always wanted one of those candy gram poster board things... Once my best F's mom made one for her in like 8th grade and I've always wanted one since ..It's the sweetest idea! Happy weekend! And hoping you get lots of sunshiney rays to scamper in!

Janette, the Jongleur

gee said...

I love Kara's blog..her room tour was so lovely.
oh how i wish it was cooler here..ugh.
everytime i walk outside i feel like my skin might melt off. :P
have a wonderful weekend love.

Belly B said...

I saw that on Karla's blog!!!! I loveddd her room tour. That girl has got some killer taste! :D
<3 Belly B

Steffen said...

this post is so unbelievably cute!! :)

Cee said...

I always love your link ups, they give a girl so much to smile about on a Friday afternoon (especially when she's sneakily reading blogs at work!) Joe Fresh is my fave, but what really impresses me in this post is the look of that crazy upside yoga class. I don't usually think of exercise and fun in the same category, unless you count jumping on a trampoline as exercise, but that looks too cool... Must find an exercise class where I can look fashionable and hang from sheets :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend, beautiful lady!

Jen said...

Such a fun and informative post! The card that Haylee made for her dad is so adorable and LOL at that dresser: yaypants? I couldn't think of a more awesome word. By the way, just wanted to commend you on the AMAZING job you did on Cee's site. You are beyond talented at what you do, Lynn!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Margaret said...

such cute drawers and i am loving the candy card-just adorable! hope you have a fab weekend lady!

Haylee said...

Oh my gosh Lynn, I am BEYOND flattered to be featured on here. Seriously it makes me so proud of my little old card! haha posted along with all of these other adorable things! Like those drawers. OH MY GOSH. Soo freaking cute. And I can't help but be head over heels in love with those bright orange shorts. Adorable!
Thank you so much for giving me the honor to be featured on your blog! Seriously Lynn, I feel like I'm on cloud nine right now. ;)

Tang said...

Gotta love Joe Fresh! It's been super super HOT over here! I could go for some cool weather. :D

Jess said...

Grace Jones? No freaking way! And those modest bathing suits crack me up! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Deidre said...

The card for dad was amazing. Absolutely love that!

Lyndall said...

Thank you for sharing all these fun links!

I love those drawers! What a great idea :)

Laura-Bear said...

<3 <3 so much awesomeness here!!!!

Sandy Joe said...

As always I can count on you to direct me to new an interesting (AND aesthetically pleasing) reading material! Excellent links.


Michaela said...

Holy cow those dresser drawers are the cutest things I've seen in a long time! Thanks for introducing me to a new blog! (:

Alexandra said...

Yeeeeeeeees for so many of these things! First of all, Sasha is my favourite on SYTYCD...she's amazing and so different. And I love Kara's drawers...such a great idea and so aesthetically beautiful...and the fashion inspirations are all right up my alley. All in all this post is a bunch of yesness for me and such a great source of inspiration.

Hope you had an amazing weekend my love!

Alex xoxo

Mandy Crandell said...

I absolutely adore those drawers!!/MandyCrandell