Monday, September 12, 2011

a bit of a browse

Straight out of the gate I'm pointing you in a direction I think you're really going to enjoy. Emily is a new blog friend and she writes with touching authenticity about her encounters as a military spouse. The really GOOD news is that her handsome one has finally come home to her and their baby boy for good! HUZZAH. The things you'll discover on The Best of this Life are guaranteed to charm - she's a chef people and a mighty fine one at that! I'm just boggled with her food photography and gluten-free recipe sensations, paying a visit will bring along many great returns. Score a rad recipe to try for your next supper, or maybe you're ready to start a cake? Well then... break open that baking soda bomb and plunge right in.

* excited to see a stellar Vancouver photographer shoot it up with mad styles in the summer 2011 issue of cellar door. Benjamin Kwan rocked this sesh with a big bang!

* now i know full well i'll never glitter like Edward from Twilight but these gorgeous Miu Miu's could make it almost real enough for me.

* color blocked drawers from NOOD - so smart.

* are you kidding me with this?! sparkle needlepoint pillow after all my sparkly talk, oh man....gotta get-get! and ya, in light of a post about all the things i swoon over perhaps this book should take 1st place.

* a new blog/etsy discovery is always exciting and Caroline's illustrations bring me so much joy!

* bow tie bolos and detachable, decorative collars are where it's at.

* aren't these ones FAR OUT too?

* half moon manicure...with circular stationary stickers. i definitely have stars in my eyes for this.

* mastering the cat eye could prove much easier now.

* i've had this post saved in a folder for ages, it's just the biggest howl!!! witty, wise and epic use of the eff WURD too - makes me smile with understanding each time.

happy Monday folks! ♥

psssst: last day to enter the giveaway - xo


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Holy wow, very cool!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I love the little prints! The I heart stripes one would be perfect for me. I have a feeling in my hands the "reusable" adhesive eyeliner strips would turn into unusable expensive black wads. Haha!

The Suburb Experiment

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

those shoes- just died over them !

Victoria said...

I love the colllars and the little bows so cute! also thank you so much for all your lovely comments I really appreciate you are truly a hearted girl :)

Mrs. C said...

This is such a great collection!! Would die for the Miu Miu fun! Those drawers are crazy!! Don't know if I can pull off the bow tie :) Have you ever made blackberry icecubes? I experimented this weekend! Lots of fun!
Recipes Fashion Marriage

Alexa said...

Oh goodness in love with the shoes! So so fun!

Ramona said...

awww.. those adorable miu miu.mmm...
I'm aboslutely in love in those decorative collars. Tring to figure out how to DIY one.
This is so lovely post. So wonderful inspirations.

xoxo Ra

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

I SWOOOON over those mui mui shoes!! I spotted them in action while in Capri and about fell over trying to snap a picture of these beauties. To die for. Love. Oh and that book? just added it to my wish list. thanks!

A Lost Feather said...

ah those shoes are so fun! and i definitely want to check out Caroline's blog- with those adorable illustrations i feel like it miiight just be awesome :)

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Those collars are so cute! I love this post. It's so full of so many wonderful things for me to check out! Thank you.

Also, thank you for your wonderful comments over on my blog! Every comment from you brightens my day. You are seriously the sweetest and always have the kindest words.

xo Ashley

Anna of IHOD said...

Please keep these round ups coming because they are so much fun!
I am so glad you linked to Emily's blog. She is a favorite. Incredible gal with an amazing ability to make every photo of her dishes mouthwatering.
Also can't wait to check out these other fun things!!

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger said...

I love Izzy and her bow tie!

And those shoes, my gawd, are the hotest thing this season for sure. Just imagine how glittery they must be in real life too!


Virginie ♥

Coco Draws said...

Thanks, Lynn, for featuring me on your awesome blog! I'm so flattered! I love those shoes, too. :)

Bon Bon said...

Aghhhh, Miu Miu! Yes Yes! Those are utterly stunning and sparkly and must get in my closet. Someday?! Great picks, girlfriend! I'm dreaming and wishing today! xoxo

Shea said...

Oh, my, goodness I was cracking up over that restaurant website post!! And now I'll be dreaming about that color-blocked dresser. I think I need that!

Elizabeth Rose said...

great finds and i love love your blog! x

Jess said...

Oh my! I definitely need a copy of that Obsessive Compulsion book! And thanks for heading me over to The Best of this Life! Heading there now :)

Cee said...

So much to love in this post! (As always.) The sparkly Miu Mius, that amazing stash dresser from Nood that I was admiring in store just the other week and, best of all, Coco Draws! I'm thinking I need to get one of those adorable prints for the corner of my living room that I call my blog-fice... I keep telling myself that if I make it prettier and more fun, I'll stop blogging from the kitchen table. I'm in the kitchen typing this... Maybe another cute print will help? Hope you're able to make it this weekend, lades!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Love Emily's blog! And love those illustrations, thanks for sharing these great finds, I just bookmarked that etsy shop ;)

Janette said...

Adhesive eyeliner what what????? That looks amazing! I wonder how long it stays. They should invent adhesive eye shadows...I can never get a smokey eye quite right... Oh Lynn.. your designs are stellariffic as always..Love the hexagonal theme you got going on throughout.. I would love to just peek over your shoulder as you work on your magic.. Do you furrow your brow as you work away? Can totally picture it a little...

Janette the Jongleur

PS. Hope you got my email! Yup! I got my package! Wee! Gonna blog about it sometime this week!!


Little Lo Hood said...

Ooo I love these esp. the color blocked drawers and those bolo's I've used that in an inspiration post for my shop..I think I would really like to try my hand at making a bolo tie.hmm. Thanks for sharing! :) -Lo

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love all of these! x hivenn

The PvdH Journal said...

Man, I would die and go to heaven with those Miu Miu shoes (I recently injured my knee so no heels this season :( ).

.... Those collars are also amazing! So much fun.

Emily of The Best of this Life said...

Dearest Lynn,

Hearted Girl certainly is the best name for you! You are such a sweetheart. :)
It's really the first time in a couple of days that I've made it to my laptop - and what a welcome back!!
A Big Ol' feature on your AMAZING blog...goodness,
could I be any more blessed this month?!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
For your heartfelt words and compliments,
I'm super honoured and humbled.

Merci xx

Tang said...

I think I need that book...! haha.

Allegra said...

lovely post!

I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm taking part in the bloggers wardrobe competition - please please please vote for me by liking:



every like counts! please help me win this!

Amber Blue Bird said...

glitter really does make everything better.

HazelandMare said...

So many amazing things to comment on here, friend! Wow, those glitter shoes are so pretty! I bet you could make your own, with some glitter and newspaper and a hot glue gun! Maybe practice on some junk shoes that you don't really care too much about, because I don't even know if my little plan would actually work. But if it did work, it would be so adorable and you would save so much money! And CellarDoor looks like the cutest mag ever... I wonder if they have it here! I am going to research. Boy, you are just filled with amazing ideas! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sara Szatmary said...

Those Mui Mui booties have been everywhere-- and for good reason! They're amazing!!!


Hello! Oh my goodness Lynn, I'm over the moon of the possibility of you coming this Sunday, how fantastic! Can't wait to see you (hopefully), yay!! AND thank you so much for your design feedback. I'm glad that you like the design changes because I SO respect your wonderfully creative eye. Plus you gave some great insight on my FAQ's, you are seriously just such a sweetheart -luv ya girl!!

Alright, let's chat about your fabulous link ups. I squealed when I saw those shoes, they are divine in every way imaginable, & is it wrong to want both? I would also love to have that colour blocked dresser from NOOD, it's delightful. Well, and pretty much everything else on your list because your tastes are exquisite. Big hugs to you lovely and see you super soon... let the bloggy fun begin. x veronika

Krystal said...

I love this post!! it's so fun, like you :) I think that book looks awesome, I'd love to peruse that one. btw. thanks for your comment on my sponsors, it is good hear and definitely what i hope to be going for!!

BeSugarandSpice said...

Love the Miuiu shoes!! I love your blog.If you want, we can follow each other, let me know it and i follow you!


Whitney said...

i love these images!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Adhesive eyeliner? That's something I would love to have. I barely have time to put on my other makeup (I'd rather sleep in then look beautiful!), sometimes I skip the eyeliner.

I really like that dresser with the colorful drawers. It's got some of my favorite colors on there.

Have a great week Lynn!

Pari Coleini said...

your blog is so much fun. i enjoy each and every post:)

I have a giveaway from egocloset join if you'd like and share with friends? :)


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

so many great things! those miu miu shoes are so festive and fun! andd i love the coco draws discovery!! off to check out more. xoxo jillian

Cat said...

Love your link-ups Lynn! Oh my ... thoese Mui Mui shoes, in particular, are calling my name. Have you ever seen something so lovely and feminine {complete with sparkles and glitter!} in one accessories ... I think not! Better than Edward any day, I say!

And, my oh my, that adhesive eye-liner is right up this gals alley {I am a bit challenge when it comes to applying eyeliner successfully, and more importantly, evenly between my two eyes :)}.

Happy day to you Lynn!

xx cat said...

I saw those Miu Miu's when I was in NYC and let me tell you- they were just as absolutely amazing in real life! I would have given my sister away (I don't actually have a sister but, you get the point!) to take a pair home with me...

And those cat-eyes... genius! I'm not so sure on how easy it would be to apply but I'm not any better with a brush and these look so dramatic and fun!

As I've said before, I love these link lists. They're so fun :) Hope you had a great day :)


Kylie said...

LOVE those shoes!!! Kx

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

what a great link up!! so happy to hear Emily's hubby is coming home!

Love the miu miu's!! want both pair!
and how ADORABLE are those collars!?!

Kel said...

So much to love in this post but I think those sparkly Miu Mius really deserve a honorable mention!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

little lace birdies on the course

carol-ine said...

I adore Kate B.'s book and drawings.

simplyvonne said...

thanks for sharing all these awesomenessss! ahh look at those shoes! how glam are they?! and i do love those drawings! the flats one would love so nice in big home walk in close that i dont have at the moment :)

Hope you are having an awesommmeee week!


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

So many pretty things...I don't know where to start! Well, let's begin with my favorite: THOSE SPARKLY Miu Miu's. I DIE. What I wouldn't give to have those beauties on my feet. I would probably never remove them. Until a house fell on me like the wicked witch of the east and I'd be all shriveling up with those pretties on. They ARE GORGEOUS.

I also LOVE the color blog dresser (amazing!), Coco Draws (adorable!), and the sparkle pillow (awesome!).

Wander.Lust said...

those sparkly shoes are to die for!

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger said...

I've been wanting to try these adhesive eye liners lately! I can't really see how they would be comfortable but they are totally worth a try, so so cool.

Great post full of beautiful and visually enticing things dear!

Virginie ♥

Sandy Joe said...

I've definitely fallen behind catching up on your blog! WOWZA! The colour scheme of this post is to die for. I want to live in that magazine spread - pretty much in love with that magazine now, many thanks! Pastel and sparkled miu miu shoes had me crying tears of joy, why are they so incredible at shoes? Don't even get me started on that chest of drawers. SIGH.

x The Pretty Secrets