Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Spotted on Smashing Magazine: Font-Bot Project

Their words are better than mine could ever be: "It is time for your favorite font to stand its ground. The idea is to build robots out of a type face, showcase them and hope others put together a potential opponent. Once there are two font-bots ready to compete against each other, only thing left would be to “let the battle begin!” Participating is not hard, the rules are clear: all robots must be built of type alone (letters A to Z). Let’s see if your font has what it takes to defend its corner. Fight!"

I was casually perusing the latest/greatest free fonts for 2012 when lo and behold there was a shout out feature pointing towards this friggin' amazing idea that uber awesome James Vecchio started. omg you guys, I'm for sure dating myself here but I do recall a TV show called Battle of the Network Stars (circa '76 - go original version or go home!) and this font battle project got me reminiscing in such nostalgia for the simpler days of old.

Bring on the nerdom playing field and get those glyphs flying across the screen, this is such fun!!! Reminded me of my own attempt, and sadly so (she's nothing to write home about ;) of little bot girl I made while messing around in Illustrator. gosh darnit how I adore type face and all the things you can do with it. me loves!!!!

Whether you're akin to the bowflex or the thighmaster, these kinds of warrior attributes only require a bit of design-force-field magic and don't depend on you to lift a finger or a leg in excess to do it either! Too bad Howard Cosell wasn't around anymore to intro these kinds of things, my ears kinda rang with his catch phrase “I'm just telling it like it is” because a good old fashioned font-bot feud is where it's at people. ♥

** please keep in mind, my meager attempt at glyph-girl was done in 2010 while in web design school and it was one of my 1st forays into Adobe Illustrator **


vintch said...

what!!? this is so neat! off to check it out. how do you always find the coolest things?

Shaylynn;) said...

"I'm for sure dating myself here...." I laughed & laughed & laughed.

How creative is that?!?!?

For the record, I had NO idea such serious battles existed:)

Leonie said...

Haha how awesome is this?! I think your glyph-girl is great. I have no Adobe Illustrator skills whatsoever (I wish I did) so I am very impressed!

Hope I'll be seeing you on in February for the blogger get-together!!! Or earlier, of course :-)

Soft Purple

Cee said...

Aw, your font-bot is adorable! I have to admit, the graphic geekiness of the font-bot concept is something I only wish I could be a part of... I think I would need to go to remedial design school before I could even make an attempt to cobble together an entry :) It's hilarious to think of it, though!

Jess said...

Awww I love your little glyph girl! This sounds really fun! I just discovered the font maker on the iPad and I am OBSESSED!

LCR said...

LYNN! It's Lauren formerly from Outside Voice:) I've been gone- out of the country- but now i'm back (not blogging yet) but I just had to come by and say hi... see how you are doing!
Also, I'm connecting to some of my friends on Instagram (do you have it??) I hope so. I'm @laurcath
Hope to hear back from you girlie... i'm off to look around the place and see what's changed!

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! How are people so creative!???!!!!! Just when I think that every good idea has come to fruition I see stuff like this.. Makes me chuckle! Love your rendition! Soo adorable!

Janette, the Jongleur

missBliss said...
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missBliss said...

Haha, glyph girl is so cute ;)

And I LOVE this idea! I want to make my own font bot! It would have to be one out of Gill Sans or my new favorite Fedra Sans ♥