Monday, February 27, 2012

all sorts

ahhh, the beginnings of a new week...
hope yours is gonna be awesome! ♥

* fun "stuff" from Our Shopcrystal-shaped crayons - sailboat salt and pepper shakers - spotty vintage jug and glasses set - vintage storage jars

* mag_net_ic earrings by Akiko Oue look like more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

* Boguslaw Sliwinski's series of playful plates featuring a transportation theme.

* pretty pastel colors for spring

* mini wooden speaker for Apple devices - SO CUTE!

* a very WOW moment brought to us by Hermes via The Fancy

* 'spread your love' by Hamed Kohan - steals my heart and then some!

* tent-tastical pop-ups that could even convince me to try camping again


dana @ wonder forest said...

oh my gosh @ those bike wheels! and the patchwork tent!! i die!!
xo dana

Sandy Joe said...

Where do I even begin? Crayons as jewels made me lose my mind, how genius! And don't even get me started on the bike wheels - a major wear your love like heaven moment. SIGH.

x The Pretty Secrets

Lyndall said...

So many lovelies! The crystal crayons are so cool, and the wooden apple speaker is the cutest!


Oh my gosh, I always love, love your links up, Lynn!! And I seriously must get that little wooden speaker for my iphone/ipod. I adore it!! Perfect thing to park on my desk while I work. Yay, off to check it out + hope your Monday is off to a lovely start. xo veronika

Ramona said...

Gosh, how super cute and amazing is any of your this week findings. I love that simple things are created completely extraordinary, maybe in shape or colour. It makes everything look more fun and wonderful.
Lynn have a great week!

xoxo Ra

Alexandra said...

Oh God those turquoise heels! They're so perfect, and in my favourite colour to boot! Loving all your quirky little finds, you have a seriously amazing knack at finding off-beat but incredible pieces. And the tents! So cute! Hope you're having a great Monday love.

Alex xoxo

Cee said...

I am so feeling the pastel love, lades - I wrote about the same thing today in my post! But the colour combination I cam up with simply cannot hold a candle to the ballerina pink-turquoise-purple punch up that you've displayed here. Oh, the loveliness! I just wish that spring weather would hurry up and arrive so that I could put more of my pastels to use :)

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start, my friend!


Laura Elizabeth said...

This was such a lovely post to browse through. So many pretties!! I gotta agree with most of the other commenters, those turquoise sandals are AMAZING!!

Although I don't like the idea that you Northern Hemisphere folk are getting ready for Spring... that means it's nearly Autumn time in the Southern Hemisphere :(

Jenna said...

So many awesome things squeezed into one post! The tents and magnetic earnings are my faves - some people are so creative!

Loving the sailboat salt and pepper shakers too :)


Mandy Crandell said...

The crayons, tires, and speaker are my favorites!

Kristen said...

i think i need those tires for my bike! love!

Britta said...

Great inspiration! I'm loving those pastel colours; they are perfect for that Spring we've been waiting so patiently for!


Melissa Lowry said...

Love your blog, tons of neat stuff! will be checking often!