Saturday, February 11, 2012

blowing kisses

in a lot of different but truly lovely directions! here's a few of my favorite glimpses recently, of course they are all inspired by Valentines Day and the impending arrival of Monsieur Cupido!!!! ♥

ideally i'd like to be twirling around in this lovely frock of delight! just barely clinging to KASA's finger as i continue to rotate...always coming back to his handsome face for little kiss breaks.

dress you up in my LOVE is what i believe was cake.'s idea behind this decadent and drool worthy shoot featuring metallic gold cupcake papers, handmade glittered flags and filigree lettering. you'll wanna save those recipes people, lickety split. // butterfly flounce robe via Toute la Nuit // giclee LOVE print via Jessie Ford Design // Typocolate is Gourmet Typographic, Dark & Milk Chocolate Slabs. yum delum!! and another discovery charm about Dynamo is, as they say: "We're a digital design studio located in a cool corner of MontrĂ©al where it's hard to find a parking spot." gotta love innovative designers seeking to serve up sweet confections too, right?

pink gradient brooch via bstudio // rose gold plated My Love Ring via melt'm design studio // funny Valentine via The Hungry Workshop // retro inspired, handmade pretties like the "Love" glasses case + pink polka dots coin purse via the zakka would be quite a lovely addition to anyone’s "what's in my bag?" post // “Love” Letters via Roll &Tumble Press - kinda just got inspired to print some of my own to tack up on the wall! so cute // Anthony Petrie created a couple Valentine's cards that any self-professed geek would be proud to hand out. get yours for FREE download here.

Pull & Bear added the JUST LOVE collection to their shop and it features six limited edition t-shirts celebrating Valentine's Day - touting that "some couples are inseparable". let the twinanigans begin.


hello! monday said...

loving that pink/coral color! and ough sparkles! you def had our attention :-)

Cee said...

So much to love in this love-themed post, lades, but that Kate Ermilio dress stole my heart and I'm now officially on an obsessed fashion blogger hunt to find the entire collection online and choose the piece that will be mine :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} said...

I love that coraly peachy dress - oh the twirls that could be done in a dress like that...only breaking for bites of sweet sparkly cupcakes...yes, it's a dream worth dreaming! :) How cute is that rose gold ring? It's so pretty and dainty. I love all of these goodies! Have you any plans for Valentine's Day? My lovely sister has offered to babysit Little A. and Mr. Smith and I are planning something romantic...maybe disco bowling?


Bon Bon said...

that little rose gold heart ring would be perrrrfect for my finger...I'm soooo dropping a photo-hint to my hubby:-) happy love month to you, hearted girl! muah! xoxo

Jenna said...

This post puts me in the mood to spend money on lots of cute v-day clothing items!

The twirly dress at the top is my fave though - I mean, every girl needs one pink twirly dress in her wardrobe, right??? ;)

Hope you had a great weekend Lynn! Thanks again for the sweet bday message!


cb said...

i love those shirt designs! the one of the lion and beard! so cute! great designs!

Mandy Crandell said...

The Just Love collection is amazing!

Alexandra said...

I love this! I'm actually really not a V-day person, partly because I am one of those cynical people who believes it's just a Hallmark holiday and partly because Matt and I's anniversary is just ten days after it. BUT having said that, once I get closer to the date I always get excited by all the pink and cuteness that pops up everywhere. Hope you and Sean have an amazing time together!!

Alex xoxo

Cara said...

love that first model, she is stunning, and I adore the dress!!
xo Cara

Ashlyn said...

What beautiful valentines day inspiration!! I especially love the star wars print. How adorable! Be sure to check out my Valentine's Day post today. I am so glad you were able to participate!

Laura Bear said...

your layouts.... <3 <3 as usual ... amaze.
and that pink dressss!!!!!! :O love

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I seriously just died over those JUST LOVE shirts! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! I want those soooooo bad!