Thursday, February 2, 2012

quite a gal

Taylor Tomasi Hill.....she can do no wrong. ♥

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Mandy Crandell said...

What a sense of style!


Oh boy, Taylor Tomasi Hill is freakin amazing!! I love her unexpected style choices + she has such an amazing eye for putting her looks together, major swoon!! AND, yes that top knot is total perfection - not to mention the dress that she is wearing with it. Ah I'm so inspired after seeing this post. I'm ready to go take outfit photos for days. Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday Lynn! ♥♥♥

Also, I loved your suggestion of you guys coming on a little adventure date with us - oh the photos we would take. Millions! ;) Yay!! xo V

Alexandra said...

Yes I love her! She's in my top three style icon list, she is just so incredible. Such a great aesthetic and she seems like a really strong, good female role model too. Hope you've been having a good week so far my love!

Alex xoxo

cb said...

that granny square sweater is AMAZING! she has some really great style. thanks for sharing, i always love inspiration!

Cee said...

This girl has got style! But it really wouldn't matter what she wore, the fact is that with those mile long legs, she could put on a paper bag and turn into a princess. Gah- so envious! But also experiencing serious admiration. I love the variety of looks you chose to showcase her style. Stunning, and proof she can pull off anything. Happy almost weekend, dear friend!

Leonie said...

She definitely has a great sense of style. I particularly like that she doesn't stick to one thing... her outfits are always 'fresh' and different. Keeps it interesting!

I really like that last picture of her with the top knot. For some reason I can never create a good knot. Oh wait, no, I can... Right before I'm heading to bed. HA! Of course.

Happy happy Friday!! xoxo

Tamara Nicole said...

She is so pretty! :-) Great girl crush for sure.

I miss your blog too! Life has been SO busy. But I love your comments, as always and I hope life is treating you well love!

Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} said...

Beautiful! I love the sweater + red/orange belt combo - that's a stunning outfit :) Thanks for coming by this week Lynn, it's always nice to hear from you!!

Have a fabulous weekend xo

Victoria said...

Amazing style but also amazing hair! I love red head girls their hair is like the ultimate accesory!
P.s thank you for your lovely comment as always! xx