Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!  KASA and i have been rushing around so much lately and have some deadlines to meet so our card exchanges/intertwined arm toasts and sharing food with the same fork will have to wait a while longer.  we've okayed it with the bow and the arrow that our own V-day celebrations will just have to get postponed till the weekend - anyone else in the same boat?  i feel kinda traitor-ish but this couldn't be helped.  i'm even posting pics from last Valentines to try and save face ; )   conciliation prize: the BEST man i know loves me, for this i am eternally grateful and my love for him will be gushing all over the place once this week gets leapfrogged!!!!

i'd also like to send a BIG hug and kiss over to Ashlyn from Matchless Vision today because she graciously asked me to be a part of a project she's working on, a really meaningful arrangement in tribute to a great cause. 

i wasn't familiar with the term Mesothelioma and what it meant - thanks to Ashlyn and Jackie Clark of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for people with mesothelioma cancer; i got educated and researched it further to find an array of awful ramifications people have had from exposure to asbestos.  the horror of 1st hand experience with various forms of other cancers lingers quite relevantly in my life; another reason why this invitation represents something close to my heart and why i took part without question.  i had a cervical surgery years ago because of abnormal cell growth they felt would be cause for cancer alarms and my mom has survived lung cancer while my dad passed away from leukemia.  the only response given to these great girls was "i'm on board 100% to support you & Jackie with this very little part i could play."

Ashlyn and Jackie have teamed up and in their words: "put together a blog post about women facing cancer and how it is important for them to still take the time to do what makes them feel beautiful, whatever that may be."  they asked me to write something about what makes me feel beautiful and loved.  i hope you'll have a visit and read more about this project, its goals and the inspirational shares from others too.

many blessings friends, this is a day of LOVE (even if it has been overplayed with cheese sometimes) and it still has a sentimental aura exposing inner workings of the heart.  may yours beat with extended play and a rhythm that exudes the happiest joy! ♥

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* apologies, i usually link back to every photo used but this was from a long ago save and now the link back to pinterest is inactive. if anyone knows who properly receives credit for the shadow hand image please let me know. i photo manipulated it some but you get the drift if you recognize it. thanks  *


vintch said...

happy valentines day sweet friend! i can't wait to check out your guest post--what a special, lovely and honorable idea for a blog. of course they would choose your sweet self to contribute:) i hope your day is calm and blessed and you and that sweet man of yours can enjoy time to yourselves!

p.s. thank you so deeply for your sweet comments on my love post. the shoot was so fun to do and i really appreciate your thoughtful feedback:) xoxo

marissa at the boot said...

happy valentine's day lynn! if anyone is good at showing love it's you! :) have a great weekend with your man!

Tash said...

I just love that quote by Eckhart Tolle. Sending love and hearts and hugs from afar. And wishing you and Sean a beautiful weekend to come.
I hope that your mom is doing well Lynn. This is a great project and dear to your heart, i'm going to visit now.
Tash xx

cb said...

happy love day! the new project you are starting sounds so wonderful and rewarding, asbestos is nasty stuff and i can't believe people are still getting sick from it today!

ZoƩ said...

Cool post, beautifully presented, and very cute. :) Topped off with a lovely quote. Happy Valentine's Day!

Nicole said...

Love your photos & your blog design - it's great!


Cee said...

Happy Valentine's Day, lades! Whenever your celebration occurs, I hope it's filled with love, joy and lots of sweet treats (because if ever this is a day when you deserve to indulge in something sweet and bad for you, Valentine's Day is it!)

Kudos to you for doing your part for mesothelioma - I lost a very important woman in my life to that atrocious disease five years ago now and what makes it most tragic is that it's so, so preventable. And yet asbestos is still used all over the world :( Off to read your guest post now, I'm sure you've given lots of women the warm fuzzies with your trademark sweetness and charm.


Tang said...

Happy V-Day!!! :)

Michelle said...

Oh I just adore your fun creativity! Your blog is always so much fun to read, and you look beautiful! Happy day after v-day!


Alexandra said...

Lynn this is such a powerful and inspirational post! I loved what you wrote and was so happy to see Veronika featured two...you're both such strong and grounded ladies, true inspirations to me! And you and Sean...adorable. Matt and I had to postpone our Vday celebration to tonight as well, but really the most important part is what you said: that you have the love of someone you love and respect so much! Happy belated vday lovely lady.

Alex xoxo

Laura Bear said...

What a lovelylovely post. <3

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Happy Valentine's to you and Kasa!! Who cares when you celebrate the day of love....as long is LOVING is celebrated! We didn't do much for Love Day either...but our weekend getaway to a cabin by the water should remedy that situation. ;) I LOVE the photos of you two in front of that gorgeous painting...your posts are ALWAYS beautiful to look at.

How wonderful to learn about this series on Matchless Vision! What a great thing you girls are doing!

Have a HAPPY WEEKEND, love! xoxo

yiqin; said...

sucha sweet post <3