Wednesday, December 19, 2012

red rules!

* dress-up deets: dress-ruche, cardigan+belt-uo (old), boots-aldo (similar), tights-uo * 

kinda doing a post and dash today friends. times tight on these last few days before the man in the red suit appears and we aren't anywhere near ready - yipes! but we did get over to my Mom's for a visit on the weekend, it was so great to see her tree all done up and twinkling with lights. i'm pretty sure she told me that thing is about 18 years old!! isn't that something? it's held up well which is more than i can say for myself. i'm burnt out guys, feeling sort of fizzled before the fun of the holidays even gets underway. maybz all that's needed is a good night's rest and then we'll be back up to speed. KASA's got the same vibes happening too; perhaps the end of year will bring about more than just a calendar flip but also spurn us both on to some much needed r&r together. it's so easy to get into coasting and then practically live in a haze of "what's next" when all that is truly important is "what's NOW"! 

i'm wishing everyone a solid stance in the now and super wonderfuls throughout
this whole cheery-beery season!!! ♥


NIKA said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your tree looks sooooooooooooo gorgeous!:)

Love red too:)


Girl and Closet said...

Aw, you're looking extra pretty here Lynn! I LOVE your hair in these photos, did you get it cut?! And... yay for adorable red dresses, I'll be wearing one over the holidays too and can not wait! Love, love how you've styled yours here. I may need to use it for some holiday inspiration.

Also, so glad to hear you had a chance to visit your mom, and gosh, us too... so freakin burnt out. Martin and I are both feeling it big time and are in desperate need of some r&r as well. We'll both have two weeks off together over the holiday's so here's hoping that does the trick. xo V

Laura Bear said...

Your tree looks beautiful as do you! Love your very festive red dress. Perfecto!
"a solid stance in the now" might be my most favorite thing that you have ever said. Love that.
Happy Holidays! xo

Whats Hanging... said...

Your tree looks great! And I love your red dress, very festive.
5 more sleeps!

Robyn xo

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I like the red dress with the comfy sweater and gray tights! I need to bust out my gray tights! Your beautiful Christmas tree makes me want one!!

Brooke said...

You look so pretty in red. Great dress. I also enjoy the grey tights paired with them. That's a good idea, I never think to go with grey so my pair are sitting sadly unworn in the drawer.

Good luck with the last mad dash to get ready before the big red man arrives. I'm close to ready but not quite there.

Happy almost Christmas!

Ramona said...

I think this time of year is so super busy for everyone, that we just don't get a chance really enjoy it. oh, at least we will have long holidays ahead and hopefully they will be relaxing and nice.
Lynn, despite everything you look beautiful and so festive in your pretty red dress.
Your moms Christmas tree looks lovely.Can't believe 18 years!!!wooow!
Have a wonderful days before Holidays!

xoxo Ra

Jenna said...

Love the outfit... and the tree! Hope things calm down for you soon... Christmas always seems to be a busy time of year!


laura jj said...

merry christmas lynn to you and your whole family i miss you and you mom's cheer ways here on cortez i send you much cheer and glory over the holidays lot of love and thought laura b. still going strong since 1986 wow can you believe we have known each other since then love you lots wish i had a private way to contact you

laura jj said...

love the red xoxoxo

The GUILTY HYENA said...

A super festive ensemble along with your stalwart Christmas tree!

Looks good *warm* whatever you are drinking! Made me thirsty! :)

Happy Holidays xx


Cee said...

I'm super slow on the reading from but I have to say, I've been completely with you in the Red Rules sentiment since even before you wrote the post :) I remember the book "Red is Best" from when I was little and although I was more of a purple kid, these days I can't get enough of the red stuff, whether it's lipstick, dresses or sweet treats. As far as clothes are concerned, I pretty much have myself convinced it's a neutral colour! I'm loving your red-themed festive look here, lades - the shade could not be more stunning on you. Sending lots of Christmas love to you, Sean and the fur babies :) Hugs!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

yep. you girls pretty much rock my socks. thanks for all the sweet words ladies you always leave me speechless.

and Laurz!!!!!! so good to hear from you. Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!! all my contact info is still the same but if you look on my blogs sidebar (on the far left) there's a button that says "contact" and if you click it you'll get my email addy. hope you get to read this, thinking of you and hope all's well! xo ♥