Monday, December 17, 2012

tremendous taste

A hot spot for parties, events, jazz guitar solos, art openings or a swell Sunday brunch complete with a retro cereal bar can all be found housed under one roof. The Waldorf Hotel offers sensational sights like their Tiki Bars flickering twilight sky that sits high above the swaying palm tree sprinkled seating areas. I highly recommend it as a fun place to check out if you're ever in town. 

KASA and I have a weekend brunch tradition that we've tried to keep going, even on days that appear much better enjoyed while nested under the comfy covers. When breakfast scramble tacos come calling, I sort of can't help but drag myself up and out of bed. The soother of the morning was a tasty Caesar cocktail; THANKS FOR THE DRINK...says my diet! 

Afterwards we went for a drive around town and finally stopped off for some frozen yogurt dessert before heading home. Then it was full out lock down time with the kittehs :) 

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a brilliant weekend. ♥


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Don't do this to me! :( frozen yoghurt is a rarity here... and I am addicted. That's baaaad. Anyway, I think the idea of brunching is simply genius. 1) I get to sleep in and 2) there's still food! a win-win situation ;) x

Jenna said...

Breakfast scramble tacos!? That sounds interestingly amazing! Definitely worth crawling out of the covers ;)


Fashion to Go said...

Looks like you had an amazing time, love the photos :)

Cee said...

The Waldorf is my absolute favourite place for brunch! I don't know if they still do, but they used to have a Mexican style brunch and seriously, there is nothing like an absurdly large pile of chilaquiles to cure a hangover STAT. I never followed it up with grozen yogurt, though, and it looks like I missed out. Diet, schmiet - you are beautiful just as you are, lades, and you totally earned that sweet treat :)

Laura Bear said...

WEll that looks like one fantastic way to start the day! Yumyum. I say that is one wonderful tradition.

Brooke said...

Brunch really is the best meal ever! You get a good choice between breakfast and lunch foods. Almost no on ever brunches alone. So then you're always starting the day with a yummy meal and someone you enjoy. Plus isn't the coffee at brunch always the best coffee? :) mmmmm now I want brunch!