love notes

My mom has always been a source of inspiration for me when it comes to hand written letters. The lady can throw it down, wielding her mighty pen like an olympic caliber figure skater across a page. She has instilled a love for stationery in me since a very young age and I still have a box of treasured keepsakes to look back on every once in a while.

Letterpress and custom design studios are a bounty on the internet, I’ve spent hours scrolling through beautiful collections. Sometimes swooning so much that I end up doing a little online shopping too! One of my favorites is Le Papier Studio created by Vana who’s one of a kind silhouettes had me in a bliss-teria. (what you say?! again with the silhouettes…but of course, i respond. oh and pea ess: trust me, you want a piece of this!) 


I ordered a pretty set of custom cards (see above) for my friend Jane, so as to pass on the goodness and at that time Vana was offering a gift with purchase too. I chose an adorable print from her collection that sits in a special nook at home. ♥



Le Papier Studio
i think these ones are outta site too:
Lisa Jones Studio
Hello! Lucky
Hillary Bird
Marisol Spoon

now if this isn’t so darned cute, i don’t know what is!

love letter tattoo via pinterest.