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these puppies are 5 weeks old!!!! i tell you true.

Bio Gel nails…you are my new BEST FRIEND! I’ve always delighted in some biped pampering but manicures are the shizdazzle in my books. Not having the steadiest of hands results in the ones I give myself ending up in disaster so when I can, I’ll head over to Bling Lounge for some nailicious love and attention.

I was introduced to Bio Gel after I started school and had so little time for anything else in my life (especially a polish change) so they hooked me up and now I’m in it for the long haul. This “stuff” is astonishing, it never chips, flakes or peels – EVER people! You could use the most powerful household cleaners all day long, sans gloves, it doesn’t budge – dump on nail polish remover – it doesn’t even flinch! Like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool, it just can’t be done. Basically it lasts until your nails have grown out enough that the space between polish and cuti appears too much. 

In my case these chiclet nails of mine grow slowly so I go about every 6 weeks for a touch up. One other splendid benefit is that because it’s strong your nails don’t break and now they’re a bit longer it’s helping my pudgy fingers appear leaner. I highly recommend you give it a try, opting to keep mine in the nude sector so the contrast is less, hope this has given you a “hand”. ♥ 

wizard dimensional lacquers on the fall fashion runways have loads of swag:  pepto pink, 
classic red, metropolitan griege, mattefied limestone or shiny topcoat sparkly dips. 
Better than Baskin-Robbins!
The awesome Daily Nail does a 365 series that’s ridiculously cute! 
I couldn’t stop looking through her archives:
meet The Beatles
“The Ends” as in animal back-ends
Shel Silverstein tribute
i want this little squirrley SO BAD!