pumpkin fields forever

The weather angels were so on our side this day, reminding the sun to rep itself and the clouds to stay far, far away! It was dealers’ choice as to which pumpkin patch we’d tromp through and my girlfs picked a stellar one for sure. There was a hay-bale ride complete with Mr. banjo-man strumming out the latest rendition of Old MacDonald, loads of furry farm friends grazing cautiously since there was a rampage of kiddlets running about.

We scoured endless fields for perfectly proportioned pumpkins, played in the hay-stack room; getting chased by our fellas with huge mounds on the ready to douse us with and snacked on pie (pumpkin, of course) while watching a rather eerie looking Jack-O-lantern backup dancer who seemed to be trying really hard not to bump into the band that was playing on the stage.

It was a chock-full of wonderful kinda day! ♥