grow reflect sparkle ignite


All things I’ve been working on this year, my own little mantra if you will.
I say those 4 words over and over.

grow, reflect, sparkle, ignite

At one time I built my world in a sand box, you heard me right, I’ve gone to a counselor on and off over many years. Sometimes I needed it more than others. To back pedal a bit, so you guys don’t get the idea I’m nutso bonks or something: When I was very young; 19 to be exact, I was married to what I refer to as “the bad man”. He was terribly controlling and verbally abusive, this lasted for over 6 years and I know from experience what it takes to 1st realize what’s happening to you and 2nd get the hell outta there. So anyone else who’s done this is one strong lady, in my opinion.

Anyway, it was during that time my insides sort of died, I was a fragment of who I used to be and it took many years to get back into myself enough to see any light down the dark tunnel. All I’d seen before was a big amount of blackness; it was horribly engulfing. My wonderful counselor took me into her “play room” one day and there was a really big sandbox. It was on a table and there were shelves upon shelves of every kind of toy, symbol, gem and treasure you could think of. She left me alone saying “now it’s time for you to build your world, show me what it looks like”I was stunned, what? how?….no way!

It took a while but I finished, she came back in and then asked me to tell her the story of my world. Okay guys, then I was really taken aback; I’d built this thing, sure, but had no idea what it was really or the story behind it. She assured me it would be alright and to start anyway. Surprisingly, I articulated an entire life’s tale through the things I’d placed in a certain order. It was uncanny and actually quite a thrill. The very end piece I’d chosen was this large turtle. I looked at it for a while, not knowing why I had it at the end. Then I said “I’m the turtle; it’s taken me a long time and at a slow pace to make this trip but my shell protected me and I’m patient, cautious and resilient”. I knew then that the power within our own minds is always there, whether you recognize it in the moment or not. You can & will achieve anything you want with the mindset to do it. 

I wish you all many blessings along your own paths, build those roads carefully and you will end up just where you’re supposed to. Be well my friends, happy new week wishes. ♥