Are You Finding the List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy?

Sunscreen which is also known as sun block and it is available in the form of lotion, gel and spray. This lotion is used to absorb the ultraviolet rays which is produced from the sun and helps us to protect against the sun burn. By using this sunscreen lotion while you are going out, it prevents our skin from getting the dark spots, development of wrinkles and sagging skin. The regular use of sunscreen helps our skin to protect itself from the melanoma.

Depending on the mode of actions, the sunscreens are classified into two types namely, physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens are the lotion which is made up of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and this stays on the skin and deflect the sunlight.  Chemical sunscreens are the organic ultra violet filters which absorbs the UV light and the rays. Though many sunscreens do not block the UVA radiations completely, it is must to be protected from this UVA rays as the action of preventing skin cancer.

Sunscreens are commonly labeled with the sun protection factor shortly known as SPF which helps in reducing the sun burn producing factor from the skin. Most of the sunscreens will be designed like being effective for three years from the date of manufacturing.

Are You Finding the List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to use sunscreen lotion during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, contacting with sunlight is essential because it produces vitamin D, which is good for your health and also for the growing baby. But too much of exposure from the sun will affect the baby’s well being and for that reason it is advisable to protective clothing or wearing sunscreens which helps to avoid direct contact with the ultra violet rays from the sun. Read more tips given below to know how to choose the best pregnancy sunscreen product.

You should choose a “broad spectrum” mineral sunscreen

every sunscreen will have a sun protection factor which protects the skin from UVB rays. But this broad spectrum mineral containing lotion does not shield the skin from the UVA rays and the zinc oxide present in this will naturally help to protect against both the UVA rays and UVB rays. The ingredients present in the sunscreens will help to reflect the sun’s rays instead of being absorbed.

Avoid high SPF sunscreens

The SPF available in the sunscreen lotion helps in protecting from the UV rays but also a high amount of SPF measure causes danger to the skin during pregnancy.SPF 30 is the best sunscreen which will block 96.7% of UV rays.


You should read the ingredients label carefully while buying the sunscreen lotion. Some ingredients like octinoxate will cause damage to the skin and also harms the body by entering in to it.

Sprays and tanning oils

You should be careful with aerosol sprays and tanning oils as it causes the inhalation risks which goes directly into your lungs through the bloodstream and can affect your baby directly. Tanning oils are also advised to be avoided during pregnancy as they contain only minimal sun protecting factor and will contribute to the sunburns.

You should apply the right amount of lotion and also you should reapply often for every two hours.

Are You Finding the List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy?

Best sunscreen lotions during pregnancy

Physical sunscreens are the advisable one during pregnancy rather than the chemical blockers like oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate or Greenfield advises.  There is some best pregnancy sunscreen lotions listed below:

  • Earth mama organics mineral sunscreen lotion SPF 40
  • ISDIN Eryfotina Actinica ultra light emulsion
  • Elta MD UV elements broad spectrum SPF 44
  • Coola mineral body sunscreen lotion SPF 30

Earth mama organics mineral sunscreen lotion SPF 40

This lotion is the best pick for the sensitive skin and this is a pregnancy safe sunscreen lotion because it is free from chemical blockers and the nano particles. It is also fragrance free, water resistant and also made with organic elements. This lotion gets an extra boost from the ultra moisturizing argan oil in which the skin uses in the high sunlight time.

ISDIN Eryfotina Actinica ultra light emulsion

This lotion is a 100% mineral based one and has SPF 50 coverage but still it is light weight and also not greasy. This is also known as the formulated lotion which helps to reverse the previous sun damage with the DNA ingredients and with vitamin E.

Elta MD UV elements broad spectrum SPF 44

This lotion is a dye free, fragrance free, gluten free, oil free, paraben free and more to be continued. It causes no side effects and this is the sunscreen to be used. It uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to keep your skin safe from the sun during pregnancy with no other chemical ingredients being included.

Coola mineral body sunscreen lotion SPF 30

This is an elusive sunscreen unicorn lotion which is fragrance free. This sunscreen is so gentle to use and has a light weight formula which is also water resistant up to 80 minutes. It is a super hydrating to boot and thus it makes it the pregnancy sunscreen lotion.

As the sunscreens are used to protect the skin from the harmful effects from the sun and helps to prevent the sunburn and premature ageing like wrinkles and leathery skin. Sunscreens should include the standardized drug facts information on the bottle. Some ingredients in the sunscreen will cause skin to become more sensitive. On applying a sunscreen and it causes some irritation or redness, just wash it off and stop using it during pregnancy.  These products may also contain inactive ingredients which might not be mentioned in the container. So it is better to use sunscreen while you are going out in a hot sun which is been prescribed by the doctor. Avoid using the sprays as there is a chance of inhaling it through your mouth and it can affect the baby directly. Consult with your doctor before using any products.

How to Open Closed Hair Follicles Naturally?

Hair comes out from little pores with sac-like structures called hair roots. They exist on the skin and the scalp, and their function is to make the hair grow outwards in a healthy method.

It can trigger infection, inflammation, discomfort, bleeding, pus filling, hair-thinning, and even loss of hair.

Roots obstructing is a condition that can be treated with the aid of natural components. The use of natural items and techniques to deal with the hair and scalp makes sure the lack of negative effects, the elimination and avoidance of sebum plaque and dandruff, and enhancement of the strength, density, and total health of the hair. And all this in a natural method!

Even if you do not have actually obstructed hair roots, you can utilize these treatments to enhance the health and look of your hair and skin.

How to Open Closed Hair Follicles Naturally?

Natural Hair shampoos

Routine hair shampoos have severe chemicals that can make the hair and the scalp dry and lacking life. The hair shampoos that we typically utilize, such as those coming from a well-known brand name, forming a thick foam, or providing an unique odor, can leave our scalp harmed and be sorry for the option.

Cold Showers

The heat of the water on the scalp and skin throughout a hot shower can make us feel calm. Exceedingly hot water dries out the skin and the scalp and sets off swelling.

The optimum water temperature level to clean up the body is a moderate one, not too cold nor too hot.

Water at this temperature level assists in solving clogged up pores much better than warm water due to its capability to enhance blood flow and avoid dryness, brittleness, dandruff, and extreme oil production by the body for repair work functions.

To boost blood and oxygen circulation fresh water is the very best alternative. It assists in making the roots more powerful and more resistant and avoids weak point and shedding of the hair strands.

An option to them is a totally natural sh0wer and best body wash for folliculitis that has active ingredients of your option and understanding. This will not trigger inflammation or dryness and will make the skin shine healthily and naturally.

How to Open Closed Hair Follicles Naturally?

Include A Shower Filter

More than a treatment, this is an avoidance idea. A shower filter can decrease the variety of heavy minerals from the water you utilize to clean your skin and scalp. This avoids obstructing of hair follicles by the chemicals present in water.

Healthy Food

When it comes to every health condition, a healthy and well balanced diet plan will assist in the treatment of this one too. To avoid and deal with the accumulation of residues and sebum on the hair roots, make certain your menus are abundant in fiber and anti-oxidants.

These are the main nutrients essential for the cleansing of the body and the skin. Minerals and vitamins will likewise boost the cleansing, enhance the hair and accelerate its development in a natural method.

Do not forget to include proteins and healthy fats, and naturally, great deals of water.

On the other hand, prevent frying oils, oily food, and processed foods. These include toxic substances and metabolic waste into the body and trigger roots blocking to name a few conditions.

Necessary Oils

Natural oils from plant sources assist in keeping the scalp healthy and promoting hair development and shine. Their routine usage can avoid and deal with hair shedding and loss of hair.

A few of the very best important oils for hair are castor oil, coconut oil, increased oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, and mustard oil.

Clay Hair Wash

This is a fast approach to get rid of dirt and grease from the scalp. Make a mix of nettle infusion and a teaspoon of bentonite clay.

Stinging nettle has anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties and can intensively clean the scalp and its roots. Bentonite clay can connect and get rid of toxic substances both internally and externally.

The mix of these active ingredients makes an efficient cleaning and nurturing mix for the skin and the scalp. You can include drops of lavender vital oil for a boosted advantage. Massage damp hair and skin with the mix for 3 minutes to get rid of residues and unblock pores. Wash completely.

Lemon Detox

Consuming a glass of water blended with newly squeezed lemon can do marvels to your body. Doing this simply after awakening has actually been revealed to get rid of pollutants from the digestion system and in turn avoid them from going into the blood stream.

This will lead to a much healthier look of the skin and the scalp in an entirely natural method. Lemon is an outstanding source of vitamin C.

Lemon can also likewise used utilized an external cleanser by rinsing washing scalp with a mixture mix lemon juice and water. Let it act for 5 minutes and clean it off with plain water. It will provide your hair a fragrant aroma and glossy appearance.

Green Tea Rinse

This organic tea makes a fantastic rinse at the end of a bath or shower. Green tea has dietary, antibacterial, and anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties that can assist in unclogging the roots of the scalp and the skin and dealing with dandruff.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Its antimicrobial homes assist in getting rid of obstructions, avoiding dandruff, and promoting the hair roots. A rinse with apple cider vinegar leaves the scalp tidy and enhances the health and shine of the hair.

Neem Leaves

This medical plant has antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial residential or commercial properties that make it a really effective therapist of rashes and infections. To utilize it, boil fresh neem leaves in water. Wash the skin and the hair with it after it cools off.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is an exceptional anti-inflammatory representative that decreases swelling and swelling and relieves burning experiences. Using Aloe Vera gel to the scalp and the skin will assist in unclogging the pores by acting upon the causal microorganisms.


The curcumin present in turmeric is an outstanding therapist of skin conditions. It can make the scalp, and the skin restores its regular health. Include a teaspoon of turmeric into the bathing water or consume it liquified in milk or drinking water.

Witch Hazel

The astringent results of witch hazel make it an ideal treatment for lots of skin conditions. It can be used on the locations of the body impacted by folliculitis with the assistance of a cotton ball. Select with hazel that is without alcohol or fragrance.