Are You Finding the List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy?

Sunscreen which is also known as sun block and it is available in the form of lotion, gel and spray. This lotion is used to absorb the ultraviolet rays which is produced from the sun and helps us to protect against the sun burn. By using this sunscreen lotion while you are going out, it prevents our skin from getting the dark spots, development of wrinkles and sagging skin. The regular use of sunscreen helps our skin to protect itself from the melanoma.

Depending on the mode of actions, the sunscreens are classified into two types namely, physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens are the lotion which is made up of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and this stays on the skin and deflect the sunlight.  Chemical sunscreens are the organic ultra violet filters which absorbs the UV light and the rays. Though many sunscreens do not block the UVA radiations completely, it is must to be protected from this UVA rays as the action of preventing skin cancer.

Sunscreens are commonly labeled with the sun protection factor shortly known as SPF which helps in reducing the sun burn producing factor from the skin. Most of the sunscreens will be designed like being effective for three years from the date of manufacturing.

Are You Finding the List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to use sunscreen lotion during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, contacting with sunlight is essential because it produces vitamin D, which is good for your health and also for the growing baby. But too much of exposure from the sun will affect the baby’s well being and for that reason it is advisable to protective clothing or wearing sunscreens which helps to avoid direct contact with the ultra violet rays from the sun. Read more tips given below to know how to choose the best pregnancy sunscreen product.

You should choose a “broad spectrum” mineral sunscreen

every sunscreen will have a sun protection factor which protects the skin from UVB rays. But this broad spectrum mineral containing lotion does not shield the skin from the UVA rays and the zinc oxide present in this will naturally help to protect against both the UVA rays and UVB rays. The ingredients present in the sunscreens will help to reflect the sun’s rays instead of being absorbed.

Avoid high SPF sunscreens

The SPF available in the sunscreen lotion helps in protecting from the UV rays but also a high amount of SPF measure causes danger to the skin during pregnancy.SPF 30 is the best sunscreen which will block 96.7% of UV rays.


You should read the ingredients label carefully while buying the sunscreen lotion. Some ingredients like octinoxate will cause damage to the skin and also harms the body by entering in to it.

Sprays and tanning oils

You should be careful with aerosol sprays and tanning oils as it causes the inhalation risks which goes directly into your lungs through the bloodstream and can affect your baby directly. Tanning oils are also advised to be avoided during pregnancy as they contain only minimal sun protecting factor and will contribute to the sunburns.

You should apply the right amount of lotion and also you should reapply often for every two hours.

Are You Finding the List of Safe Sunscreens During Pregnancy?

Best sunscreen lotions during pregnancy

Physical sunscreens are the advisable one during pregnancy rather than the chemical blockers like oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate or Greenfield advises.  There is some best pregnancy sunscreen lotions listed below:

  • Earth mama organics mineral sunscreen lotion SPF 40
  • ISDIN Eryfotina Actinica ultra light emulsion
  • Elta MD UV elements broad spectrum SPF 44
  • Coola mineral body sunscreen lotion SPF 30

Earth mama organics mineral sunscreen lotion SPF 40

This lotion is the best pick for the sensitive skin and this is a pregnancy safe sunscreen lotion because it is free from chemical blockers and the nano particles. It is also fragrance free, water resistant and also made with organic elements. This lotion gets an extra boost from the ultra moisturizing argan oil in which the skin uses in the high sunlight time.

ISDIN Eryfotina Actinica ultra light emulsion

This lotion is a 100% mineral based one and has SPF 50 coverage but still it is light weight and also not greasy. This is also known as the formulated lotion which helps to reverse the previous sun damage with the DNA ingredients and with vitamin E.

Elta MD UV elements broad spectrum SPF 44

This lotion is a dye free, fragrance free, gluten free, oil free, paraben free and more to be continued. It causes no side effects and this is the sunscreen to be used. It uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to keep your skin safe from the sun during pregnancy with no other chemical ingredients being included.

Coola mineral body sunscreen lotion SPF 30

This is an elusive sunscreen unicorn lotion which is fragrance free. This sunscreen is so gentle to use and has a light weight formula which is also water resistant up to 80 minutes. It is a super hydrating to boot and thus it makes it the pregnancy sunscreen lotion.

As the sunscreens are used to protect the skin from the harmful effects from the sun and helps to prevent the sunburn and premature ageing like wrinkles and leathery skin. Sunscreens should include the standardized drug facts information on the bottle. Some ingredients in the sunscreen will cause skin to become more sensitive. On applying a sunscreen and it causes some irritation or redness, just wash it off and stop using it during pregnancy.  These products may also contain inactive ingredients which might not be mentioned in the container. So it is better to use sunscreen while you are going out in a hot sun which is been prescribed by the doctor. Avoid using the sprays as there is a chance of inhaling it through your mouth and it can affect the baby directly. Consult with your doctor before using any products.

How to Open Closed Hair Follicles Naturally?

Hair comes out from little pores with sac-like structures called hair roots. They exist on the skin and the scalp, and their function is to make the hair grow outwards in a healthy method.

It can trigger infection, inflammation, discomfort, bleeding, pus filling, hair-thinning, and even loss of hair.

Roots obstructing is a condition that can be treated with the aid of natural components. The use of natural items and techniques to deal with the hair and scalp makes sure the lack of negative effects, the elimination and avoidance of sebum plaque and dandruff, and enhancement of the strength, density, and total health of the hair. And all this in a natural method!

Even if you do not have actually obstructed hair roots, you can utilize these treatments to enhance the health and look of your hair and skin.

How to Open Closed Hair Follicles Naturally?

Natural Hair shampoos

Routine hair shampoos have severe chemicals that can make the hair and the scalp dry and lacking life. The hair shampoos that we typically utilize, such as those coming from a well-known brand name, forming a thick foam, or providing an unique odor, can leave our scalp harmed and be sorry for the option.

Cold Showers

The heat of the water on the scalp and skin throughout a hot shower can make us feel calm. Exceedingly hot water dries out the skin and the scalp and sets off swelling.

The optimum water temperature level to clean up the body is a moderate one, not too cold nor too hot.

Water at this temperature level assists in solving clogged up pores much better than warm water due to its capability to enhance blood flow and avoid dryness, brittleness, dandruff, and extreme oil production by the body for repair work functions.

To boost blood and oxygen circulation fresh water is the very best alternative. It assists in making the roots more powerful and more resistant and avoids weak point and shedding of the hair strands.

An option to them is a totally natural sh0wer and best body wash for folliculitis that has active ingredients of your option and understanding. This will not trigger inflammation or dryness and will make the skin shine healthily and naturally.

How to Open Closed Hair Follicles Naturally?

Include A Shower Filter

More than a treatment, this is an avoidance idea. A shower filter can decrease the variety of heavy minerals from the water you utilize to clean your skin and scalp. This avoids obstructing of hair follicles by the chemicals present in water.

Healthy Food

When it comes to every health condition, a healthy and well balanced diet plan will assist in the treatment of this one too. To avoid and deal with the accumulation of residues and sebum on the hair roots, make certain your menus are abundant in fiber and anti-oxidants.

These are the main nutrients essential for the cleansing of the body and the skin. Minerals and vitamins will likewise boost the cleansing, enhance the hair and accelerate its development in a natural method.

Do not forget to include proteins and healthy fats, and naturally, great deals of water.

On the other hand, prevent frying oils, oily food, and processed foods. These include toxic substances and metabolic waste into the body and trigger roots blocking to name a few conditions.

Necessary Oils

Natural oils from plant sources assist in keeping the scalp healthy and promoting hair development and shine. Their routine usage can avoid and deal with hair shedding and loss of hair.

A few of the very best important oils for hair are castor oil, coconut oil, increased oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, and mustard oil.

Clay Hair Wash

This is a fast approach to get rid of dirt and grease from the scalp. Make a mix of nettle infusion and a teaspoon of bentonite clay.

Stinging nettle has anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties and can intensively clean the scalp and its roots. Bentonite clay can connect and get rid of toxic substances both internally and externally.

The mix of these active ingredients makes an efficient cleaning and nurturing mix for the skin and the scalp. You can include drops of lavender vital oil for a boosted advantage. Massage damp hair and skin with the mix for 3 minutes to get rid of residues and unblock pores. Wash completely.

Lemon Detox

Consuming a glass of water blended with newly squeezed lemon can do marvels to your body. Doing this simply after awakening has actually been revealed to get rid of pollutants from the digestion system and in turn avoid them from going into the blood stream.

This will lead to a much healthier look of the skin and the scalp in an entirely natural method. Lemon is an outstanding source of vitamin C.

Lemon can also likewise used utilized an external cleanser by rinsing washing scalp with a mixture mix lemon juice and water. Let it act for 5 minutes and clean it off with plain water. It will provide your hair a fragrant aroma and glossy appearance.

Green Tea Rinse

This organic tea makes a fantastic rinse at the end of a bath or shower. Green tea has dietary, antibacterial, and anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties that can assist in unclogging the roots of the scalp and the skin and dealing with dandruff.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Its antimicrobial homes assist in getting rid of obstructions, avoiding dandruff, and promoting the hair roots. A rinse with apple cider vinegar leaves the scalp tidy and enhances the health and shine of the hair.

Neem Leaves

This medical plant has antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial residential or commercial properties that make it a really effective therapist of rashes and infections. To utilize it, boil fresh neem leaves in water. Wash the skin and the hair with it after it cools off.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is an exceptional anti-inflammatory representative that decreases swelling and swelling and relieves burning experiences. Using Aloe Vera gel to the scalp and the skin will assist in unclogging the pores by acting upon the causal microorganisms.


The curcumin present in turmeric is an outstanding therapist of skin conditions. It can make the scalp, and the skin restores its regular health. Include a teaspoon of turmeric into the bathing water or consume it liquified in milk or drinking water.

Witch Hazel

The astringent results of witch hazel make it an ideal treatment for lots of skin conditions. It can be used on the locations of the body impacted by folliculitis with the assistance of a cotton ball. Select with hazel that is without alcohol or fragrance.

Is Deet Safe for Pregnancy?

A pregnant woman touching her stomach

Pregnancy and pesticides develops a frightening combination as direct exposure to toxins while developing can have terrible results. There is no rejecting that the 9 months of pregnancy are critical to the future health of the child.

Whatever that you are exposed to while pregnant is amplified direct exposure for the baby. That is because that baby is a portion of the size handling equivalent direct exposure rates. A great example is putting sugar in coffee. If you have a cup of coffee (percentage so think about the baby), a teaspoon is generally enough to make it sweet. If you have a pot of coffee that holds 10 cups (this would be the mom), one teaspoon of sugar may not even be visible. If a pregnant woman is exposed to something hazardous, the damage is increased for the developing baby. Not like that is any pressure or anything …

What to see in pest control products

Among the most ever-present toxic substances in our lives is pesticides. They are so hyper-engineered and slick nowadays that many are odor free, colorless, and strong enough to have recurring pest-killing properties for weeks after being sprayed. Science has made some fantastic development? Is it really advance when the population is unconsciously being exposed to artificial, neuro-toxic toxins? Thus choose best Bug Spray for Pregnancy.

Well that is precisely what pesticides are – artificial contaminants based on nerve gas technology from The second world war. The whole concept of pesticides is that the pests are exposed to toxins at levels strong enough to eliminate them however low enough to not injure people. What level of ‘direct exposure to toxin’ could ever be considered safe? And these aren’t simply regular toxins – they are generally neuro-toxins which affect the brain and brain function.

These toxins used to eliminate the bugs have stopped working due to pesticide resistance. Whenever pests are exposed to an artificial pesticide, a percentage make it through and pass that resistance on to the next generation. As bugs increase so rapidly, eventually the whole types is now resistant to that specific pesticide. What is the pest control service? A more powerful pesticide!

Pests today are now exposed to pesticide levels more than 1000 times more powerful than those used simply ten years ago which suggests human beings, animals and the environment are too. Imagine all the locations you go that use odorless, colorless toxins developed to last months. Even if the treatment was used 2 weeks back, a mom and her developing fetus are breathing in and taking in the toxin.


If you or somebody you know is pregnant, prevent pesticides! Ask questions about the scheduling of pest control so you can prevent the most crucial direct exposure time right after application. Pesticides are frightening if you are pregnant so know. Your healthy baby will mature and thank you.

More ways to remain safe from bug-related health problems

Bug spray is just one strategy for avoiding bug-related health problems. Other techniques consist of:

– Find out when the bugs are active. Prevent outdoor activities, if you can, throughout the time of day that presents the greatest danger.

– Avoid areas where bugs are active.

– Avoid the aromas. The AAP advises that parents prevent utilizing fragrant soaps and hair shampoos on kids, as these may bring in bugs. Think about foregoing intense colors, for the same factor.

– Cover the skin. Use light-weight long-sleeved shirts, trousers, and socks when outdoors, specifically if in a woody area where bugs are extremely focused.

– Think about bug-netting for extremely young babies. Many producers provide netting for baby safety seat and strollers.

– Switch on a fan. This chemical-free method actually blows the bugs away.

When treating your home for bugs, deal with areas where food is kept with care. There are lots of non-chemical options for dealing with food areas, so talk to your pest control specialist about the most safe way to work around foods. Many bugs are drawn to these areas, so like pets; the most delicate areas may be the same areas triggering issues. If you work securely around your food supply when treating your home for bugs, you can resolve your issues without harming your dining.


Make sure the treatment you use in your home to deal with bugs does not develop more issues with any person specially pregnant ones. You may check out about a particular important oil driving away a particular kind of bug.

Does Sunscreen Prevent Acne?

Skin cancer is a significant health issue for all Americans; using sunscreen daily is a basic action that can significantly decrease the possibility of developing this serious illness. If you suffer from acne, you know that acne-prone skin has many special needs, typically needing the use of specialized items to lower inflammation and breakouts. Integrating the best korean sunscreen into your acne treatment programs will minimize the threat of both skin cancer and unpleasant acne breakouts so that you have much healthier skin for life.

Sunscreen must be an extremely crucial part of your skin-care regimen to ensure your face is secured against skin cancer, early aging, and hyperpigmentation. When you have skin that is vulnerable to breakouts, below are some suggestions on selecting a sunscreen that will secure your skin and leave your face sensation excellent throughout the day.

– Search for oil-free and noncomedogenic items: For day-to-day use, you want a sunscreen that is oil-free. You ought to also try to find the word “noncomedogenic” on the product packaging. This indicates the item does not include active ingredients that will block pores. Never use sunscreen created for your body on your face, as it is much too thick and oily.

– Choose fluids, gels, and sprays: Sunscreen creams are fine for regular to dry skin, however if you have oily skin, you want an item that can be taken in rapidly. Sprays can also be a light-weight option for your face, however you wish to ensure you are spraying enough on to safeguard your skin.

– Pick SPF 30 or greater: To properly secure your face, you want your sunscreen to have at least 30 SPF. This will blog around 97% of UV rays you are exposed to, guaranteeing your face is safeguarded.

The kind of sunscreen you select will depend upon what you require

Mineral sun blocks tend to sit on top of the skin and can clog up pores, making it hard to remove it all. Those with acne-prone skin need to be particularly thorough in removing it (attempt an oil clean before your regular cleanser), however mineral sun blocks are still a wonderful option for some people and are usually the best sunscreen for delicate skin types.

Chemical sun blocks are most likely to aggravate, due to numerous elements, so it may not appropriate for your skin type depending upon the components. Some people respond to the heat that results from the chain reactions on the skin, while others are just conscious annoying components in the sunscreen.

Whichever option you pick, the best sunscreen for you may not be the best sunscreen for another person. Both types of sunscreen shave their benefits and drawbacks– what matters most is that you find an option that works for you.

Less serious cases can be treated with cold compresses, used to the impacted skin area. Cool baths can also provide convenience. Maintaining the afflicted area hydrated might assist on the recovery unconscious procedure. It can provide some simple convenience, aid in the recovery unconscious procedure, and avoid frightening or other long-term skin damage that can arise from sunburn.

Any blisters that emerge must be left alone and shedding skin to slough off naturally. That is because of blisters are touched or broken, there is an excellent opening for a secondary infection, or it would slow down the recovery procedure. And if the blisters will begin to strip on their own, attempt to cover it so that it will be kept clean and humidified.

Use your acne treatment medication first, and after that wait 20 minutes or up until it’s completely soaked up. You can then use your sun protection over the top.

Sunscreen is so crucial for all skin types, even if you do not generally burn.

While the numerous options appear frustrating, it’s in fact an advantage. You have a lot of choices there’s definitely a sunscreen out there that is right for your skin.

Believe about what you require from a sunscreen. People who operate in an office all the time have greatly different sun protection needs than those who work outdoors. You’ll require a different item for day-to-day use than for investing a long afternoon out at the park or beach.

The longer you spend outdoors the much better off you’ll be with a waterproof, sweat-resistant item. If you spend most of your time inside, a moisturizer consisting of SPF 30 will provide you a lot of protection.


The fact that all of us have to use sunscreen is a no-brainer. Beyond that, we have to begin making choices about what type of sunscreen to use and when. And there’s nobody right response– the very best sunscreen for you will depend upon a number of elements, consisting of formula, skin type and level of sun direct exposure.

Skin Protection in Summer

Summer skin care handbook

Summer is approaching, if you want to confidently play with beautiful skin, you must know how to take care of your skin properly. Now, I’m suggest you simple steps to take care of your skin in the summer to bring you healthy, smooth skin.


Clean skin, keep skin clean


The basic step of skincare in summer is not to be missed is to keep skin clean by removing makeup and washing face with cleanser. So choose the right product with clear and benign origin.

Cleansing Milk with a non-foaming mechanism, does not take away moisture from the skin surface, so it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Besides, if you own lubricant skin and acne, the Foam Cleanser will be more appropriate, containing some fruit acids to remove dead skin cells and acne blemishes.

Balance skin moisture

In order to have a fresh skin in the summer, it is necessary to provide enough moisture to the skin, moisturizing is always a concern. Skin that is moist enough will stretch and avoid problems such as excessive oil, acne, redness, peeling…

Introducing you to a 3.5% concentrated Hyaluronic Acid concentrate for water retention and avoiding trans-epidermal dehydration, addressing concerns about subjects with dry to very dry skin.

In addition, if you are an oily skin, you should compensate your skin for softer products such as the from Japan. Do not use products with excess moisture that will cause your skin to drain more oil and help pore.

Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen daily

In the summer days, the sun is more intense than ever, don’t forget to use anti-energy cream when going out if you don’t want your skin to become dark, sunburn!

** Always remember to bring a sunscreen suitable for your skin type, apply it every 3-4 hours, apply it 30 minutes before you go to the sun.

Periodic exfoliation

In the summer, the cells of the skin will become more active, along with more dead skin, but they cannot be knocked out by the cleanser. So every 2 weeks, you will exfoliate once. This will help keep your skin clean, dirt and aging cells on your skin will be knocked off. The skin will become healthy and smooth.

Periodic exfoliation

Drink a lot of water

70% of the body is water. Water is an indispensable thing for each of us. Drinking plenty of water especially during the summer not only complements your body but also adds moisture and regulates your skin. Every day at least you need to drink 2.5 liters of water. Water will make your skin less acne, always young by the function of toxic waste, cooling. You should drink water regularly during the day, preferably between meals. This is also a simple yet extremely effective summer skin care method.

Drink a lot of water

Keep a healthy lifestyle and say no to cigarettes and stimulants

In order for your skin to be healthy and fresh, you need to limit staying up late and thinking too much that leads to stress. Sleep with the skin is extremely important. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will find your body tired and your face starts to break out, less fresh and especially obnoxious dark circles. So, you need to have a working and relaxing schedule for effective skin care in the summer.

Your diet also needs attention. In the hot season, eat cool things! You need to limit the consumption of fried, water, and fatty foods. The food you still eat, but limited because it will make your body hot, causing acne and oil for the face. Besides, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially drinking fruit juice will be very good for your skin.

The last thing is to say no to cigarettes and stimulants. Tobacco will darken your skin very quickly. So is coffee. It can be said that this is the enemy of the face skin. Please consider it!

Moisturizer for Oily Skin in Summer

In winter, the weather is dry and the skin is severely dehydrated. Therefore, it is very important for the skin to be moisturized, so the hot summer will produce a lot of perspiration, causing the skin to become oily. moist or not? For more information, please listen to me to answer the summer issue, don’t use moisturizers like that.

Moisturizing cream

Why does summer still need to apply moisturizer?

Certainly many girls have the same thoughts, summer cream moisturizer is redundant because they will cause the skin to pour a lot of sweat causing greasy hiss. But in fact, according to dermatologists, moisturizer is a very important and essential step in skin care for both winter and summer:

Firstly, the more dry the skin is, the more water the skin lacks and more sweat. This natural mechanism of action is like the owner of oily skin. If your skin is dry, the oil bags will be signaled and stimulate them to produce more and more oil to replenish previously lost oil and moisturizers. Therefore, similar to the lack of oily skin in the oily skin, the more oil the skin secretes, the more water is lost in the summer. Therefore, applying moisturizer is the most effective solution to avoid dehydrated skin, sweating.

Second: In addition to sunscreen, summer also needs to use moisturizer. Because the summer sun is often stronger and more intense, while the sunbeam is the cause of damage and destruction of skin cells, leading to fast aging skin, sagging, easy to catch sun and many acne, freckles and freckles . Therefore, skin care with moisturizer to strengthen the immune system for the skin, help skin healthier and more resistant to harmful agents from the environment is very necessary.

Mistakes when using moisturizer for summer

Do not clean the skin before applying the cream

For moisturizer, whether it is day or night, the first thing to do before you apply is to wash your face. Even if you don’t wear makeup, the sunscreen that stays on your skin will clog your pores, clog your pores and make your pores expand, potentially causing acne.

Leave the dry skin to apply cream

We often leave dry skin to apply moisturizer, but this is actually a very bad mistake. Skin moisturizers will work better if used when the skin is still wet. So, after washing your face, use thin paper to gently lighten your face and apply it immediately.

Do not heat the cream before use

Heating the cream before applying will help the cream penetrate better, the skin is more easily absorbed than the nutrients from the cream.

Improper use of dosage

The ideal amount of moisturizer is about 2 peas for a small, medium face, 3 peas for a large, square face. Using too much or too little moisturizer can cause moisturizing to become “useless”.

Note when using moisturizer in summer

To avoid the phenomenon when applying moisturizer in the summer, it makes the skin more greasy, clogging pores, it is better to pay attention to choosing the right moisturizer. Creams that are smooth, thin and light will help better absorb and provide better skin care.

Facial care in the summer is not difficult, isn’t it? However, it requires your perseverance and attention. Please take good care of your skin in the summer so be confident to shine!

Try Peal-Off Face Mask to Make Your Face More Appealing

Create the experience of a professional spa with a peal-off face mask. Kick your feet back and drink some of that lemonade while your face burns off the dirty things. Remove the things from your face that make you look like your not even young anymore. Pamper your way to a better and softer skin. Although, not any peal off face mask will do it for you. We all have different skin types. The best Korean face mask for acne might not work the way it should. Luckily in today’s market, you can find what your looking for to fit your specific skin type. You in very good luck these days. More information about face mask cleaning products below.

Face Masks Are Good for Stress Years

Each years adds a little stress to your life, which means you need a face mask beauty product to make your face look happy. Another year, dealing with the budget cuts and arguing with idiots. We get and understand completely. However, your face will take its tool from dealing with all the mental and physical abuse. Your face needs something to make it happy even when you are not. A face mask is that something that you need each day. You can be happy on the outside if you use this product. Use the best Korean face mask for acne to make face cleaner and more balanced faster. To give another, you can use this to hide your days when you are so sad. Don’t want anybody see that right?

Use Face Mask to Absorb Needed Face Ingredients

More than likely, you assume your face does not need any ingredients to look good, however this is not the right way to think about your face. Your face needs a lot of ingredients to stay healthy and look childish. It doesn’t just need make up. It needs healthy ingredients to dive deep into the skin layers. What ingredients am I talking about? I am talking about chemical exfoliates, topical antioxidant, and peptides. To make  sense, you need the three chemicals I just mentioned absorbed into the face. Your face needs the little guys to help it get rid of dirt that don’t belong underneath the skin. Also, to get rid of dirt on surface that prevents your skin from being young and healthy. Find a face mask that has all three of the chemicals I mentioned.

One thing to consider when it comes to face mask, it won’t be easy finding all three chemical types in one mask. You might not need to wash your face with different mask each time you wash. This will ensure your face gets all the ingredients it needs and you look your very best in mirror.

Cream Face Masks Are Good for Super Dry Skin

Do you have really dry skin and need a face mask to deal with it? The face mask you should seek out is the cream face mask. Really good on helping the face get soft and feel more relaxed. The dryness will start to go away after a few weeks. Use 3 to 4 times a week to have faster healthy skin results.

Do Face Masks Help You With Acne?

The answer is yes if you want to look prettier then you already look. Some will say it does not. Though, people different opinions on what they think is right and wrong anything. Someone’s face needs impurities removed from it. The dirt, make up, dark paint, acne, and so forth need to be cleaned from face. Face mask tries to remove those impurities and give you a more natural face. Make you look like the person you want to look when you are not wearing make up. They can also give you more step in your beauty when you go out with the friends. All in all, it gives you the look you really want to see in the mirror. The look you want to see without the make up. More reasons why you should get one is listed below.

Face Masks That Have Ingredients To Get id of Acne

More importantly, face mask is a way to remove acne on your face if you use the right ingredients. Walking into the store and picking up anything for acne is a bad idea. Getting something that claims to be the best Korean face mask for acne without proper ingredients is also a bad idea. This applies to other masks as well. Above all, make sure the face mask has one of these ingredients that I am about to tell you.

Tea: Tea is a good remedy for the face. Provides the face with vitamin C and E. The vitamins then refrigerate your face and make it look younger.

Coffee: Coffee is not just for drinking a cup in the morning. Its also for waking your body up. It wakes your face up and help it move faster. Coffee can also regenerate your skin and make it more energized.

Glycolic Acid: Very important ingredient to have in a face mask for people who want to get rid of acne as soon as possible. This face little guy will wash away your acne pores over time. How much time it takes depends on your skin type. But, it will go away faster if you use ingredients with glycolic acid daily. Use the best Korean face mask for acne that has glycolic acid in it to make acne go away fast.

How to Apply Face Mask to Your Face

Apply the face mask carefully to your face. Wash the face first. Make sure all make up and dirt is off the face. Next, put the product on your face. Spread it on your face in upward motions. Be gentle about it and take your time. You don’t want it in your eye. Wait for the face mask. Let it sit on your face for some time. Some face mask can be left on for an hour and some are less. Make sure you read the box to see how long it should be left on. If you don’t have the box, leave the face mask on for 20 minutes. Then, take the face mask off and pat face. Don’t rub it. Just pat the face gently. After 5 minutes, you need to put some Korean moisturizer on it to get rid of acne. This step is optional. When all done, wash your face off with water and dry face.





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Guys!!!  It’s been so long since I last blogged, and I just couldn’t leave up snowy scenes as we’re making our way into the glorious summer sunshine. Honestly my blogging passions have waned, I’ve been so enamoured with Instagram over these past months but I really wanted to share these photos KASA shot one day, by the river. It’s our favorite spot to stroll with Tayeh in tow, rain or shine! The whole area is especially green now we’ve hit May; birdsongs trail off into the distance and brilliant sunbeams catch ripples on the water, making them twinkly delights. I am literally a Happy Camper when I’m here so I thought I’d share a special gift Sean scored for me from one of his biz trips back to Calgary. If you haven’t heard of Camp Brand Goods yet then get on it people — I love this brand so much!! The quality of their merch is spot on plus mounds full of online roamin’ through their various design notions gives a girl (or guy) plenty of prized pieces that honor our habitat and our swagger.







HUGE thank yous to everyone who left me such sweet notes and checked in through email, I really appreciate it friends!!! Happy new week & I hope you’re experiencing the loveliest days with the most beautiful blue aboves ever! ♥



hey guys — happy valentine’s day!!!  i wanted to stop in today to let you know my heart’s still a beatin’ even though i haven’t made an appearance here in a while. life’s had a few ups and downs, as it does and that’s okay. today though, is a definite UP! hope you enjoy what cupid brings to the table and that sweets are most assuredly involved. haha!! xo ♥





There’s a time of day when the sun has risen and become aligned with our little townhouse. All of a sudden we are in a wash of glorious light beams. They bounce around, creating shadows and brilliance. When this occurs, and I happen to be home, I like to sit in the middle of the floor quietly taking it all in. The moment never lasts long, perhaps only about 15 or 20 minutes but even the dust particles floating through the air sparkle and all seems well in the world.
I have found similar things happen inside our own minds when we get inspired and a new, awesome idea pops into our heads. There’s a weight lifted and our wingspread seems infinite. Right now I am trying to find a way to maintain this sense of possibility. We each get a ton of ideas throughout the day but you know those ones that really stand out?! The ones that feel as though someone else had a hand in planting them there. The real deal YES ones that our inner critic likes to squash. Oh, how to protect myself from myself is what I’m working towards figuring out right now. How do you keep the idea extinguisher at bay? ♥