* dress-up deets: happy camper slouchy pullover-camp brand goods, jeans-gap, touque-topshop, boots-aldo *

Guys!!!  It’s been so long since I last blogged, and I just couldn’t leave up snowy scenes as we’re making our way into the glorious summer sunshine. Honestly my blogging passions have waned, I’ve been so enamoured with Instagram over these past months but I really wanted to share these photos KASA shot one day, by the river. It’s our favorite spot to stroll with Tayeh in tow, rain or shine! The whole area is especially green now we’ve hit May; birdsongs trail off into the distance and brilliant sunbeams catch ripples on the water, making them twinkly delights. I am literally a Happy Camper when I’m here so I thought I’d share a special gift Sean scored for me from one of his biz trips back to Calgary. If you haven’t heard of Camp Brand Goods yet then get on it people — I love this brand so much!! The quality of their merch is spot on plus mounds full of online roamin’ through their various design notions gives a girl (or guy) plenty of prized pieces that honor our habitat and our swagger.







HUGE thank yous to everyone who left me such sweet notes and checked in through email, I really appreciate it friends!!! Happy new week & I hope you’re experiencing the loveliest days with the most beautiful blue aboves ever! ♥




* dress-up deets: dress-joe fresh, shoes-asos, sunglasses-f21, midi rings-galisfly,
cat ring-catbird, braided bracelet-thief and bandit (similar), tote-target *

The glorious golden hour sure is a beautiful thing to behold! Sean & I…or well more like I (cos the boyf was happily planted on the sofa kicking back) decided it was time for a stroll + photo sesh. Sometimes a self-induced pinch happens just because I still can’t get over the charming and picturesque area we live in. Trails that seem to go on forever together with lush landscapes that are both scenic and harmonious.



Within fashion culture, it seems like the future of midi rings is catching on like wildfire. I’m seriously joining this bandwagon and purchased my 1st set from a fab Etsy shop called Galisfly, all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. I’d had my eyes on another store hailing from Brooklyn called Catbird since 1st spotting Bri Emery wearing her handful of awesome! Unbeknownst to me my bf Vivian made a trip to NYC pre her Vancouver visit and stopped into the Catbird store itself!!!! I gasped when she told me about it last week and then bigger gulped/gasped when she pulled one of their bags out of her purse…for ME! Capital D-ied over the whole gift give moment and when I opened the darling box there it was: the cat ring of my dreams. Such a sweet surprise from the most outstanding friend I’ve ever had! This cat-astic wonder is an ongoing centerpiece of an accessory – been wearing the hay-ell out of it. Thank you again Vivian, will wonders ever cease with you? I think not 🙂



oh, and folks there’s gonna be a follow up to this post with some outtakes I thought were worthy of publishing too…the cutest photobomb you ever did see. Stay tuned! xo ♥



1. Little Mesa Perfect Dress – Modcloth
2. Sun Hat – Anthropologie
3. Sunnies – House of Harlow
4. Tote – Tory Burch
5. Zig Zag Bangle
6. Aztec Bangle – House of Harlow
7. Sterling Silver Knuckle Rings
8. Silver Clogs – Marc by Marc Jacobs

am i going a little sand duney-looney on you guys? can’t help myself; i find this desert print dress absolutely irresistible! so much so that i had to make a fun little outfit post that i wish came straight outta my own closet but these net picks will have to sit in as fashion support today.



this series can’t be complete without 1 fur friend addition, the amazing desert fox. isn’t this photograph outstanding!? personally i think he’s got a roadrunner in his sights 😉
cheers to a sun-filled Monday friends!!! ♥

friends in fashion places

One of the hi-lights from last month was attending the Liberty in Style Fashion Show & E-Boutique Grand Opening at Heritage Hall to applaud and support our friend Suzanne who’s recently opened Betty be Good, an online shop filled with many coveted girly gazes. The evening was so much fun – specialty catered dessert treats, wine and a continually flowing chocolate fountain held high appeal to all who made the scene. Everything was sunny and sparkling before the girls took to the catwalk showcasing all of the wonderful wares carried in the shop.







I posted about Betty be Good a while back and just had to share some of our snaps from the night too. Great to see a fellow Vancouverite rock her stuff, cheers to start ups and ladies who entrepreneur the shiz outta things! ♥


a fond farewell



The time is slowly approaching…slowly for us who will miss her madly but FASTER PUSSYCAT for the one who’s breaking out of V-town with a delightful burst of celebration!!! My darling friend, Alex, is leaving on a jet plane and we honestly don’t know when she will be back again (seriously, how could i not use that line?!) but as send-offs go we had a hoot and holla for our beautiful pal on a special Friday evening past.

Alex’s Farewell Fiesta, as Cee, our host coined it; began promptly at 7pm ….. there wasn’t 1 straggler because we all wanted to get in as much time together as humanly,bloggery possible. The place was Havana, a local hot spot with loads of tasty selections including what we girls enjoyed sipping on… delicious sangrias while we toasted Alex on her new adventure! If you haven’t heard yet, she’s been nabbed by FASHION magazine and will be their newest, coolest intern. This, in turn (that’s a total pun of course!), means she’s traveling all the way to Toronto and setting up shop to begin a lifelong dream of completely stylin’ swoons. Can i just say this girl was made to rock the runways; interviewing fashions elite and sharing her feedback on the latest trends, as well as spotting them before they’ve even reached mass internet filteration. Just as fashion never gets old, it re-creates…so does Alexandra on her road to Vogue or bust! xo ♥



levitation & light orbs

Oh, didn’t you know these are the things I dream about peeps? When the roughs and ruggeds of life get ready for a smack down I like to surround myself with these friendly thoughts and grow my fantasy bubble big time. Don’t mistake me for someone who doesn’t appreciate a good head trip once in a while; as Tony Toni Tone says… feels good!




Well really, not so much; my levitation skills need practice but the light orbs… those I got down pat and Mylo does too, obvz! baha! Now here’s some magical wears that I’d totally slip on for my second act.



Since the kickoff of my new job began I’ve been on a bit of a genesis journey. Haven’t really shared much about that side of my life but it’s most excellent and right now we’re gearing up for Eckhart & Kim’s next TV filming in August. I’m the one who’s coordinating their schedule plus the attendees and guests. It’s a live filming held in an intimate studio setting and goes for 2 days. Lot’s to do in prep for it, plus all the other day to day arrangements. I absolutely love it, learning curve and all but it doesn’t leave me with much extra at the end of a day. I wanted to send a thank you out to everyone reading along and being patient with me while I discover a settling spot and some more balance.

You folks really are some kinda galactic chums!!! ♥