levitation & light orbs

Oh, didn’t you know these are the things I dream about peeps? When the roughs and ruggeds of life get ready for a smack down I like to surround myself with these friendly thoughts and grow my fantasy bubble big time. Don’t mistake me for someone who doesn’t appreciate a good head trip once in a while; as Tony Toni Tone says… feels good!




Well really, not so much; my levitation skills need practice but the light orbs… those I got down pat and Mylo does too, obvz! baha! Now here’s some magical wears that I’d totally slip on for my second act.



Since the kickoff of my new job began I’ve been on a bit of a genesis journey. Haven’t really shared much about that side of my life but it’s most excellent and right now we’re gearing up for Eckhart & Kim’s next TV filming in August. I’m the one who’s coordinating their schedule plus the attendees and guests. It’s a live filming held in an intimate studio setting and goes for 2 days. Lot’s to do in prep for it, plus all the other day to day arrangements. I absolutely love it, learning curve and all but it doesn’t leave me with much extra at the end of a day. I wanted to send a thank you out to everyone reading along and being patient with me while I discover a settling spot and some more balance.

You folks really are some kinda galactic chums!!! ♥