design process

I’m sure some people start their design projects differently but I always tend to begin with color. Choosing a palette is the key for me to unlock the door to creativity and become a spatial activist. You heard it here folks, I love me some spatial activism and boy did I ever let this place turn into a run-down blog shack. No design updates in a really looooong time, but that’s ALL CHANGED NOW!
I took a BIG cue from ModCloth’s recent stylebook graphics; whoever is creating that stuff should take many victory laps – it’s amazing!


Ta-da and welcome to the new and improved Hearted Girl. It’s lighter, brighter and reps me way more than the last scene did. Hope you like the changes I’ve made, which includes the About page – it was a serious atrocity and has been polished up some.
Wishing everyone a swell Sunday! ♥

love notes

My mom has always been a source of inspiration for me when it comes to hand written letters. The lady can throw it down, wielding her mighty pen like an olympic caliber figure skater across a page. She has instilled a love for stationery in me since a very young age and I still have a box of treasured keepsakes to look back on every once in a while.

Letterpress and custom design studios are a bounty on the internet, I’ve spent hours scrolling through beautiful collections. Sometimes swooning so much that I end up doing a little online shopping too! One of my favorites is Le Papier Studio created by Vana who’s one of a kind silhouettes had me in a bliss-teria. (what you say?! again with the silhouettes…but of course, i respond. oh and pea ess: trust me, you want a piece of this!) 


I ordered a pretty set of custom cards (see above) for my friend Jane, so as to pass on the goodness and at that time Vana was offering a gift with purchase too. I chose an adorable print from her collection that sits in a special nook at home. ♥



Le Papier Studio
i think these ones are outta site too:
Lisa Jones Studio
Hello! Lucky
Hillary Bird
Marisol Spoon

now if this isn’t so darned cute, i don’t know what is!

love letter tattoo via pinterest.