1. Little Mesa Perfect Dress – Modcloth
2. Sun Hat – Anthropologie
3. Sunnies – House of Harlow
4. Tote – Tory Burch
5. Zig Zag Bangle
6. Aztec Bangle – House of Harlow
7. Sterling Silver Knuckle Rings
8. Silver Clogs – Marc by Marc Jacobs

am i going a little sand duney-looney on you guys? can’t help myself; i find this desert print dress absolutely irresistible! so much so that i had to make a fun little outfit post that i wish came straight outta my own closet but these net picks will have to sit in as fashion support today.



this series can’t be complete without 1 fur friend addition, the amazing desert fox. isn’t this photograph outstanding!? personally i think he’s got a roadrunner in his sights 😉
cheers to a sun-filled Monday friends!!! ♥



we all know what today is and whether you’re into it or not the colors of pink and red seep out from all corners of the internet right in our direction. i’ve been hit smack dab in a soft spot cos i’m a sentimental sort and just love LOVE!  so i’ve found a few heart themed faves while cyber-stalking around that i think aren’t too sappy and i also want to wish everyone a very stellar Valentines. if nothing else, it’s always self-love that matters most so here’s to a cupids bow of the boomerang variety – may your spirit be struck with some awesome inspiring vibes!!! for me, tonight is all about soft palps and sofa snuggles with my main man and then perhaps a little dinner out this weekend – yah! xo ♥

images via: heart bowl + measuring spoons, lovely lollies, leather bags, golden arrows signet ring, hearted pillow, love letters, heart hoodie AND….. kings county distillery chocolate whiskey!

friends in fashion places

One of the hi-lights from last month was attending the Liberty in Style Fashion Show & E-Boutique Grand Opening at Heritage Hall to applaud and support our friend Suzanne who’s recently opened Betty be Good, an online shop filled with many coveted girly gazes. The evening was so much fun – specialty catered dessert treats, wine and a continually flowing chocolate fountain held high appeal to all who made the scene. Everything was sunny and sparkling before the girls took to the catwalk showcasing all of the wonderful wares carried in the shop.







I posted about Betty be Good a while back and just had to share some of our snaps from the night too. Great to see a fellow Vancouverite rock her stuff, cheers to start ups and ladies who entrepreneur the shiz outta things! ♥


moments never forgotten

but darn if they didn’t take a while to post about! all the way back in April, ya that’s right, i pulled this one out of the “blast from the past” bin cos it was a truly awesome day and i simply loved reliving it while photo editing 🙂


KASA & i dusted off our bikes to go riding at Boundary Bay Regional Park, a bird watchers paradise with the wildlife reserve and its amazing bird sanctuary. we spotted so many HUGE harriers all over the place, perched high in the trees looking down at us with their stealth gaze. the bbq crowd had already gathered along the shores edge and we were tempted by many tasty scents wafting through the air. definitely will be returning again this summer for our own beachtime sunny-funny day. less layers would have been ideal, i kept having to zip the boyf up and i know that goes against every girlfriend rule book that tells us not to mother our fellas but still i can’t help myself. zip, tuck, button…it’s in my nature to nurture! baha. he doesn’t mind so much, the best is when he bundles me up too!!













Enjoy your 1st weekend in June everyone – get outside & rock it under the great big blue sky!

design process

I’m sure some people start their design projects differently but I always tend to begin with color. Choosing a palette is the key for me to unlock the door to creativity and become a spatial activist. You heard it here folks, I love me some spatial activism and boy did I ever let this place turn into a run-down blog shack. No design updates in a really looooong time, but that’s ALL CHANGED NOW!
I took a BIG cue from ModCloth’s recent stylebook graphics; whoever is creating that stuff should take many victory laps – it’s amazing!


Ta-da and welcome to the new and improved Hearted Girl. It’s lighter, brighter and reps me way more than the last scene did. Hope you like the changes I’ve made, which includes the About page – it was a serious atrocity and has been polished up some.
Wishing everyone a swell Sunday! ♥

a fond farewell



The time is slowly approaching…slowly for us who will miss her madly but FASTER PUSSYCAT for the one who’s breaking out of V-town with a delightful burst of celebration!!! My darling friend, Alex, is leaving on a jet plane and we honestly don’t know when she will be back again (seriously, how could i not use that line?!) but as send-offs go we had a hoot and holla for our beautiful pal on a special Friday evening past.

Alex’s Farewell Fiesta, as Cee, our host coined it; began promptly at 7pm ….. there wasn’t 1 straggler because we all wanted to get in as much time together as humanly,bloggery possible. The place was Havana, a local hot spot with loads of tasty selections including what we girls enjoyed sipping on… delicious sangrias while we toasted Alex on her new adventure! If you haven’t heard yet, she’s been nabbed by FASHION magazine and will be their newest, coolest intern. This, in turn (that’s a total pun of course!), means she’s traveling all the way to Toronto and setting up shop to begin a lifelong dream of completely stylin’ swoons. Can i just say this girl was made to rock the runways; interviewing fashions elite and sharing her feedback on the latest trends, as well as spotting them before they’ve even reached mass internet filteration. Just as fashion never gets old, it re-creates…so does Alexandra on her road to Vogue or bust! xo ♥



i feel a click coming on


I’ve done many posts featuring slick finds from around the net but I’ve never done one that’s been link focused before. Seems to be a bloggers linchpin of choice and who am I to deny a good load of link-ups? A virtual pillar of blogdom, so I’m joining in on the idea with these fine finds. Here’s some click candy for you swells out there…

*  best bookshelf i’ve ever seen – August Empress is a new blog discovery for me and i absolutely was taken away by happiness to see everything Jo shares on her wondrous space; including this – a bookcase design by Saporiti; an Italian furniture design firm.


*  a hilarious comic that i’m sure is the embodiment of every poor, lonely fur baby who’s parent pays them no mind when they are being held internet hostage. 

*  Rap Master Maurice’s revenge raps – need i say more? well okay, this dude listens to YOU, all your sorrowful stories of woe and wants to know who did you wrong so he can fire back at them with a custom made vengeance rap. wanna taste, i thought so:

“Let’s say you like a guy and he likes you too, he takes you out to dinner and pays for you,
and then you go to the club to dance, but he’s buggin’ trying to get up in your pants.
Or a distant cousin owes you some green, but he made a great escape like Steve McQueen.
Or your boss gives you too much overtime, don’t fight ’em with your fists, 


Now you know the joy that my rappin’ brings, 
I’m like Maurice Bilbo Baggins, 
in Lord Of The Rings,
so send me 7 bucks and I’ll make it right, I can probably even get your rap done tonight.”

*  stop motion, children, face paint, ample amounts of blinking, biting, screaming and dancing =amazing video and a great tune.

*  cool photo shoot and i really, really covet that raggedy ann dress for serious. 

*  beautiful Solange Knowles new Rimmel London campaign is fantastic!

*  a big whoops by Lady Gagaloo…supreme fail on the “Anna” reply

*  an oldie but a goodie, who doesn’t want to go on a briefcase picnic? if the turf fits, plant it!

*  Chuck’s latest modesty patch from dooce (do you love Heather, or do you LOVE Heather?!)

*  Christine from A Quiet Determination was the photographer for what i believe to be an idealcelebration of life. the day was marked by releasing hundreds of monarch butterflies which she captured beautifully in her photos. an absolutely symbolic service that allowed it’s gatherers to feel this transformational day deeply. as i said in a comment to Christine “if there was a heaven on earth for these darling souls who passed then i’m sure this would have been it!” such a sacred day. 

*  say the magic words….pink rainbow cake and voila! ♥

paperart for the link-ups heading inspired by August Empress, i’m telling you…this girls blog is goodness all around!

grow reflect sparkle ignite


All things I’ve been working on this year, my own little mantra if you will.
I say those 4 words over and over.

grow, reflect, sparkle, ignite

At one time I built my world in a sand box, you heard me right, I’ve gone to a counselor on and off over many years. Sometimes I needed it more than others. To back pedal a bit, so you guys don’t get the idea I’m nutso bonks or something: When I was very young; 19 to be exact, I was married to what I refer to as “the bad man”. He was terribly controlling and verbally abusive, this lasted for over 6 years and I know from experience what it takes to 1st realize what’s happening to you and 2nd get the hell outta there. So anyone else who’s done this is one strong lady, in my opinion.

Anyway, it was during that time my insides sort of died, I was a fragment of who I used to be and it took many years to get back into myself enough to see any light down the dark tunnel. All I’d seen before was a big amount of blackness; it was horribly engulfing. My wonderful counselor took me into her “play room” one day and there was a really big sandbox. It was on a table and there were shelves upon shelves of every kind of toy, symbol, gem and treasure you could think of. She left me alone saying “now it’s time for you to build your world, show me what it looks like”I was stunned, what? how?….no way!

It took a while but I finished, she came back in and then asked me to tell her the story of my world. Okay guys, then I was really taken aback; I’d built this thing, sure, but had no idea what it was really or the story behind it. She assured me it would be alright and to start anyway. Surprisingly, I articulated an entire life’s tale through the things I’d placed in a certain order. It was uncanny and actually quite a thrill. The very end piece I’d chosen was this large turtle. I looked at it for a while, not knowing why I had it at the end. Then I said “I’m the turtle; it’s taken me a long time and at a slow pace to make this trip but my shell protected me and I’m patient, cautious and resilient”. I knew then that the power within our own minds is always there, whether you recognize it in the moment or not. You can & will achieve anything you want with the mindset to do it. 

I wish you all many blessings along your own paths, build those roads carefully and you will end up just where you’re supposed to. Be well my friends, happy new week wishes. ♥


my funny bone and call me happy! Well that’s the way it went down last Friday when a bunch of us ventured out for the evening. Kate had tipped us off to a favorite comedian of hers, Graham Clark, and this girl knows of what she speaks. Poising ourselves in close vicinity we opted for dinner first at Yaletown Brew Pub. I believe the name alone insinuates a bit of a burger fest, am i right or am i right?!  When the bill came we were also treated to a little cotton candy nosh – brillsville marketing on their part and our seal of approval – ROGER THAT!

Next we mosied over to The Comedy Mix to see the show, it was a riot from go to whoa. Even the announcer dude was side-splitting; everyone’s spirits were high on humorous octane. The night drew to a close, we said our tahs and spun home. Knowing the minute we opened the door those kittehs would practically rocket launch out for hallway reconnaissance. They certainly aren’t a stealth pair, that’s a fact! 





Essentially this was my only outing for the weekend so it sure was great to spend it with these fine friends. I came to the realization that work and deadlines had the right of way, taking precedence over the remaining days which sort of stung a bit because I wasn’t able to go to the 3rd bloggy meet-up that had been arranged by Cee ANNNND it was a picnic in the park.
Of all things to miss – oh man, licking my wounds is what. Serious sacrilege of blogging buddy etiquette, I know…tell me about it. I’m told that Alicia is plotting the next one though and it’s gonna be good – remakequel sounds like a plan! 

Here’s to a new weekend that flows and shines, wishing you 
all kinds of glimmery goodness!!! ♥

levitation & light orbs

Oh, didn’t you know these are the things I dream about peeps? When the roughs and ruggeds of life get ready for a smack down I like to surround myself with these friendly thoughts and grow my fantasy bubble big time. Don’t mistake me for someone who doesn’t appreciate a good head trip once in a while; as Tony Toni Tone says… feels good!




Well really, not so much; my levitation skills need practice but the light orbs… those I got down pat and Mylo does too, obvz! baha! Now here’s some magical wears that I’d totally slip on for my second act.



Since the kickoff of my new job began I’ve been on a bit of a genesis journey. Haven’t really shared much about that side of my life but it’s most excellent and right now we’re gearing up for Eckhart & Kim’s next TV filming in August. I’m the one who’s coordinating their schedule plus the attendees and guests. It’s a live filming held in an intimate studio setting and goes for 2 days. Lot’s to do in prep for it, plus all the other day to day arrangements. I absolutely love it, learning curve and all but it doesn’t leave me with much extra at the end of a day. I wanted to send a thank you out to everyone reading along and being patient with me while I discover a settling spot and some more balance.

You folks really are some kinda galactic chums!!! ♥