There’s a time of day when the sun has risen and become aligned with our little townhouse. All of a sudden we are in a wash of glorious light beams. They bounce around, creating shadows and brilliance. When this occurs, and I happen to be home, I like to sit in the middle of the floor quietly taking it all in. The moment never lasts long, perhaps only about 15 or 20 minutes but even the dust particles floating through the air sparkle and all seems well in the world.
I have found similar things happen inside our own minds when we get inspired and a new, awesome idea pops into our heads. There’s a weight lifted and our wingspread seems infinite. Right now I am trying to find a way to maintain this sense of possibility. We each get a ton of ideas throughout the day but you know those ones that really stand out?! The ones that feel as though someone else had a hand in planting them there. The real deal YES ones that our inner critic likes to squash. Oh, how to protect myself from myself is what I’m working towards figuring out right now. How do you keep the idea extinguisher at bay? ♥






Unexpected pit stops can sometimes lead you into incredibly serene spaces. Such was the case when we were winding our way back from Vancouver Island (a few weeks ago) and came across this luscious lakeside. Unable to resist a stroll, even if it was sprinkling a bit, we popped open the car doors and took our pup down to the water’s edge. WOW, what a view! I could have soaked it up all day long but time was tight so we just got a mini tour before heading home on the ferry.




I sort of yelped when I saw little teepee on the side of the road and begged KASA to stop, yet again, to take some snaps. hehe! It was his idea to tilt my hat further back, said it gave me a certain “old timers”edge 😉  Hope everyone has some awesome plans for the weekend brewing! Us Westcoasters have been given a reprieve from the rain, I’m looking forward to a sweet 5 day forecast of sunshine ahead. yah! ♥






* dress-up deets: dress-joe fresh, shoes-asos, sunglasses-f21, midi rings-galisfly,
cat ring-catbird, braided bracelet-thief and bandit (similar), tote-target *

The glorious golden hour sure is a beautiful thing to behold! Sean & I…or well more like I (cos the boyf was happily planted on the sofa kicking back) decided it was time for a stroll + photo sesh. Sometimes a self-induced pinch happens just because I still can’t get over the charming and picturesque area we live in. Trails that seem to go on forever together with lush landscapes that are both scenic and harmonious.



Within fashion culture, it seems like the future of midi rings is catching on like wildfire. I’m seriously joining this bandwagon and purchased my 1st set from a fab Etsy shop called Galisfly, all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. I’d had my eyes on another store hailing from Brooklyn called Catbird since 1st spotting Bri Emery wearing her handful of awesome! Unbeknownst to me my bf Vivian made a trip to NYC pre her Vancouver visit and stopped into the Catbird store itself!!!! I gasped when she told me about it last week and then bigger gulped/gasped when she pulled one of their bags out of her purse…for ME! Capital D-ied over the whole gift give moment and when I opened the darling box there it was: the cat ring of my dreams. Such a sweet surprise from the most outstanding friend I’ve ever had! This cat-astic wonder is an ongoing centerpiece of an accessory – been wearing the hay-ell out of it. Thank you again Vivian, will wonders ever cease with you? I think not 🙂



oh, and folks there’s gonna be a follow up to this post with some outtakes I thought were worthy of publishing too…the cutest photobomb you ever did see. Stay tuned! xo ♥

take 3


oh wow


oh wow

jeremy_harwell 2

oh wow

Jeremy Harwell tells stories through his images; the photojournalistic style he presents has a distinguished quality that blends perfectly with the pictorial outcome. The buzzword seems to be“verb photography”. In other words, there are the sharp shooters who focus in on and capture nouns quite frequently. People, places and things; it’s everywhere. But, only a select number of creators are devoted to uniting the whole sentence behind one image. The verb directs you into an aligned state with the still image, you not only admire its beauty or gasp from surprise; you also can relate with feeling. Almost a prediction about what the “cutline” would read if it were there. 

No matter what language you speak Jeremy’s portraits are universally understood. He’s been featured in some of the top spots like Modern Bride and Style Me Pretty and worked as the Creative Director at Ralph Lauren for 8 years. 

As the saying goes; “it’s always better to light a candle, rather than curse the dark”, so I wrote to Jeremy with the hope that he’d give his permission to post a few of these incredible photos, honestly never thinking he’d actually write back – but he did! I’m honored that such a professional gave his ok to share these beauties with you today. Ain’t that the berries! Thanks Jeremy, you are so kind.