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oh wow

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oh wow

Jeremy Harwell tells stories through his images; the photojournalistic style he presents has a distinguished quality that blends perfectly with the pictorial outcome. The buzzword seems to be“verb photography”. In other words, there are the sharp shooters who focus in on and capture nouns quite frequently. People, places and things; it’s everywhere. But, only a select number of creators are devoted to uniting the whole sentence behind one image. The verb directs you into an aligned state with the still image, you not only admire its beauty or gasp from surprise; you also can relate with feeling. Almost a prediction about what the “cutline” would read if it were there. 

No matter what language you speak Jeremy’s portraits are universally understood. He’s been featured in some of the top spots like Modern Bride and Style Me Pretty and worked as the Creative Director at Ralph Lauren for 8 years. 

As the saying goes; “it’s always better to light a candle, rather than curse the dark”, so I wrote to Jeremy with the hope that he’d give his permission to post a few of these incredible photos, honestly never thinking he’d actually write back – but he did! I’m honored that such a professional gave his ok to share these beauties with you today. Ain’t that the berries! Thanks Jeremy, you are so kind.